Body Heat

A great classic is back in the HD version: Body Heat. Kathleen Turner nude and at the peak of her sexiness in some HD sequences from the edition of one of the sexiest films in cinema history. This film was the debut of Kathleen Turner on the big screen and also her revenge in respect of the NBC television network, which a few years earlier had fired her from the soap opera The Doctors because she was considered not enough attractive.

Crimes of Passion

In Crimes of Passion Kathleen Turner plays a mysterious woman, daytime stylist and prostitute at night. Two men discover her double life: an electrotechnician who is an industrial spy in his spare time, to help the family budget, and a priest, who tries to redeem her using a vibrator-shaped dagger. In the sequences from this movie you will enjoy Kathleen Turner nude, in all the splendor of her thirty years. Next to her, the less-known Janice Renney.