Sexy Sisters

Pamela Stanford naked, Karine Gambier nude and many breathtaking video clips. This is today’s menu for our fans of nude celebrities. Footage taken from a film by Jesús Franco titled Sexy Sister, full of eroticism and sensuality. It ‘s the story of a countess and her nymphomaniac sister who must keep her locked to prevent jumping on every man who approaches her. Integral nudes, lesbian scenes, a bit of BDSM … we have all the ingredients for an erotic film of high quality. The videos can be found in our archives, in high definition.

Come Play with Me 2

A parade of nude celebrities and many video clips in HD. Today we present the review of the movie Come Play with Me 2 (original title: Die Nichten der Frau Oberst), the story of a countess and her nephews, very open with their sexuality. In the large country estate in which the film takes place between the countess, nephews, maidens, the list of nude celebrities is long and they are all beautiful women, very much appreciated by the fans of erotic cinema. From Brigitte Lahaie and her fabulous tits, continuing with Karine Gambier, Pascale Vital, Nadine Pascal, France Lomay and Cathy Stewart. Lot of bare skin in this update. And all in HD!

Voodoo Passion

Some more nude actresses in HD, another great erotic cult movie. When we speak of the director Jesús Franco, we’re always sure to present many scenes of nude skin. The movie we’re presenting today, Voodoo Passion, isn’t an exception. The actresses Karine Gambier and Ada Tauler are almost always naked, alone or togheter, in sensual lesbo scenes. The main characters in this movie are both sexy and very very clean… they spend a lot of time in the bathtube. Karine Gambier nude is always a beautiful show: round ass and big boobs. And, if you like brunettes, Ada Tauler nude knows how excite you.

Island Women

Another update, rich of nude actresses. Today we present the videos from a movie with a lot of nude skin, Island Women, by Erwin C.Dietrich. The director presents a WIP movie that tells the story of some prostitutes living in a state prison, with all the scenes that this kind of film offers. Cold showers, genitals inspections and whipping. Alle the actresses are beautiful, starting with the blonde e curvy Brigitte Lahaie. This French beauty has a lot of fans. And then, Karine GambierNadine Pascal and France Lomay, all very nude. Orges, lesbo scenes… an unmissable update.

La Rabatteuse

Today is the lucky daty for all you members who ask for Brigitte Lahaie nude. We show her nude and in some clips from a hardcore richi of fabulous scenes: La Rabatteuse. Together with the beatiful Brigitte, many nude actresses take part to hardcore scenes. Orges, lickings, blow jobs, strap-on… Nothing is lost. And, together with Brigitte Lahaie you can enjoy other beautiful women: Karine Gambier, Daniele Troeger, France Lomay, Marion Schultz, Marion Webb and Barbara Moose.