Vacanze di Natale

CinemaCult isn’t on holidays: we are always open and we present a Christmas update. We present nude clips from Vacanze di Natale, an italian comedy dedicated to the Christmas holidays. Supersexy in this movie: Karina Huff and a young Moana Pozzi, before her hardcore journey. Enjoy Our Best Wishes!

Voices from Beyond

Lucio Fulci himself said that Voci dal profondo wasn’t one of his best movies. It’s a batch of horror and thriller being one of them, maybe for a too small budget. But there is a lot of nude skin. Together with the beautiful Bettina Giovannini, often nude, there’s a nude scene with Karina Huff. For this beautiful actress, this movie is also the last cinema experience. After Voci dal profondo, Karina Huff played only a not-accredited role in Le nuove comiche.