Dangerous Love

There are cult actresses almost unknown to the larger public, but they have a great success among the collectors. One of these is no doubt the beautiful Mara Bronzoni. In the early 80s she took part to some harcore movies but without hardcore scenes. Blonde, with a malicious smile and a fabulous body, Mara Bronzoni nude is one of those requests we often receive from our members. Another actress is often in triple-x movies but playing only in soft scenes: Karin Well, another blonde with a beautiful body. Today we present them together in the movie Dangerous Love (AKA Porno lui erotica lei), in which they play with two famous pornstars of that age: Guia Lauri Filzi and Sandy Samuel. You can’t loose this update!

Porco Mondo

It’s hard to classify Porco Mondo in a genre. This movie from 1978 made by Sergio Bergonzelli, mixed many themes, from drug-movie to detective story. We’re lucky it has two high-level nude actresses: Karin Well and Barbara Rey. After years of research, we’ve finally found some good video clips and we can ejoy Karin Well nude, one of the actresses we prefer. You can’t miss the long lesbo scene with her and Barbara Rey.