Blutjunge Masseusen

We go on showing you nude actresses from the legendary Erwin C. Dietrich‘s films. Today is the turn of Blutjunge Masseusen, a feature film that merely tells erotic adventures happened in some cities in the world. Little plot, but quite unnecessary, because the story is told by the abundant boobs of the most of the stars. A long and interesting list of nude celebrities in this film: Margrit Siegel, Melitta Tegeler, Karin Hofmann, Rena Bergen, Christa Free, Claudia Fielers, Chitta Coray, Nadine De Rangot and Elke Boltenhagen.

Blutjunge Verführerinnen 3

Third chapter of the Blutjunge Verführerinnen‘s trilogy, made by Erwin C. Dietrich. A kind of long documentary on the sexual habits of young and free European women. In the first movie, a group of journalists met around a table and each of them told a spicy story. In the second chapter of the serie, a writer dictated some erotic stories to his secretary. In this Blutjunge Verführerinnen 3 an hitch-hiker told the driver some stories. The hitch-hiker is the mythical Ingrid Steeger and, once again, the stories give us the opportunity to see a long list of nude actresses: Karin Hofmann, Claudia Fielers, Chitta Coray and the busty Nadine De Rangot. Of course, Ingrid Steeger is nude and not a simply narrator.

Zwei Kumpel in Tirol

To talk about Zwie Kumpel in Tirol we must make a premise: it’s not a movie but a collage. It is in fact a work recycled and directed by Alois Brummer and composed of clips taken from old films by the same director.
So why watch this movie? First of all to watch Ingrid Steeger naked. And then to look at all the other nude actresses. The list is long: Christine Kuon, Christine Noack, Doris Delaas, Elke Boltenhagen, Flavia Keyt, Karin Götz, Karin Hofmann and Sandra Reni.