Not Another Happy Ending

Jane is a successful writer, but she has a writer’s block. Her publisher is desperate, because Jane is his only successful author. The problem is that Jane’s last book was a success and made her happy, but when she’s happy she cannot write. So the publisher tries to make her sad, but the more he tries to make her feel bad, the more he realizes he’s fallen in love with her. Summary for us lovers of nude actresses: Karen Gillan nude!

The Party’s Just Beginning

The beautiful Karen Gillan writes, directs and interprets this film… and shows us her ass! We are nerds and we’ve loved this girl since the days of Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy. And we have always wanted to see her naked. Unfortunately, Karen Gillan naked is a desire that rarely comes true. She showed us something in Not Another Happy Ending and now she doubles the offer in this movie written by her.
It’s the story of a girl who has to deal with life after her best friend committed suicide. A good movie and a story between the drama and the comedy that you will surely like. Just as you will love watching Karen Gillan get out of bed and show her ass to the camera.