The original title of this movie is Blueberry and is inspired by the homonymous French comic. Mike Donovan aka Blueberry is the sheriff of Palamito and has a close relationship with the Native Americans… Ok, let’s stop talking about the movie and start talking about naked actresses. Two actresses, two scenes. Unfortunately only two sequences, but both very interesting. The first is a sex scene with Vahina Giocante, who shows us a fabulous breast and her backside. Next, a scene with Juliette Lewis completely naked while taking a bath in a lake. We follow her underwater and we can see her bush. Amazing. Five stars for the nudes!

Starsky & Hutch

Two nice and somewhat clumsy street cops, in a remake of a very famous television series of the 70’s: Starsky & Hutch.
Between an adventure and the other aboard their red and white Ford Gran Torino, we admire Carmen Electra and Amy Smart who do pom pom girls or kiss each other. And again we enjoy Brande Roderick and Juliette Lewis supersexy.