Breaking and Entering

A refined London architect finds his apartment robbed by thieves. This event will change his vision of life. In this movie, the beautiful French actress Juliette Binoche plays the thief’s mother. And the architect will lose his head for this woman.
Juliette Binoche undresses a lot in this movie. And then there is Vera Farmiga in the role of a prostitute. In short, many take off their clothes and we are happy.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Unbearable Lightness of Being is the title of a movie made in 1988 by the director Philip Kaufman. It comes from the famous novel by Milan Kundera, published some year before. Both of them, book and movie, describe the life of Czechs intellectuals in that age between the Spring of Prague and the invasion of Sovietic Union. Of course we aren’t interested in this, because we care mostly of the nude actresses in this movie. They’re two fabulous actresses: Juliette Binoche, most beautiful than ever, and Lena Olin, another sexy bomb. But the list of nude celebrities enriches with the presence of Consuelo De Haviland, for the joy of those who love small tits and round asses.