Dexter [Season 1]

Dexter Morgan is a forensic expert in the Miami scientific police, specializing in tracing blood traces. He is a good person, kind, a little shy and very polite. He attends a very nice widow, played by Julie Benz.
He has only one small flaw: he’s a serial killer. Fortunately, his victims are all unrepentant criminals.
In this first season Julie Benz gives us several exciting sequences, including a personal interpretation of Lara Croft. Dexter’s sister, played by Jennifer Carpenter, is also very sexy.

Dexter [Season 2]

Second season for our Dexter, the serial killer gentleman who kills only criminals. Things start getting complicated because a colleague starts to suspect him. In addition, the tide brings to the shore the bodies of which he had got rid of.
In short, life is not easy for a serial killer.
In this second season next to the beautiful Julie Benz we find Jaime Murray, who offers us some very intriguing nudes.

Dexter [Season 3]

Wedding time for our cute serial killer Dexter. His partner (Julie Benz) tells him she’s pregnant and has decided to keep the baby, with or without his help. Dexter agrees to keep the baby and asks her to marry him. Why shouldn’t a serial killer be a good father?
A poor season of nudes, unfortunately. Julie Benz performs in a couple of sexual sequences, but we would like more.

The Brothers

Four friends discuss women and romantic relationships. Then, one of them decides to get married. In The Brothers we can enjoy Julie Benz with intriguing blue lingerie, or Tamala Jones who tries her hand in an erotic dance for her partner. Or still a supersexy Kim Porter or Gabrielle Union.