Le malizie di Venere

In 1969 Massimo Dallamano made a film based on a novel by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch that appeared only in Germany with the title Venus im pelz and had a starring Laura Antonelli at the height of her beauty. In Italy censorship stopped the film and was cut and presented for another five years without ever being able to get the approval. In 1975 production called the director Paolo Heusch to shoot some new scenes, and the film was totally distorted and turned into a detective story. The most scabrous scenes were eliminated, but there remained enough to enjoy Laura Antonelli naked. The title of this version was Le malizie di Venere. Unfortunately this cut version didn’t achieve a great success. In this update we present the clips taken from this movie. In short, we will present even those clips taken from the original and uncut version from 1969.

Venere in pelliccia

A few days ago we talked about the movie Le malizie di Venere, a feature film made in 1975 as a censored version (completely transformed) of the movie Venere in pelliccia (AKA Venus in Fur), released only in Germany in 1969. For a more detailed explanation, read that news. Now we focus on the original and uncensored version, the one with Laura Antonelli naked in what has been her most extreme sequences in film. Many scenes are the same of Le malizie di Venere, but longer. Others, however, are sequences that had been completely cut off by the 1975 version. In short, you may feel a bit confused. In this case, forget the genesis of these two films and think only to the main topic: Laura Antonelli naked. Along with Laura Antonelli, another couple of very interesting nude actresses: Renate Kasché and Josil Raquel.