Jack the Ripper

How many versions of Jack the Ripper were offered at the cinema? One thousand? Jesús Franco also offers us his, slightly different from the official version, with the girlfriend of the protagonist inspector who is also the mother of the murderer. The parts that interest us are those pre-ripping and have as protagonists Esther Studer, Josephine Chaplin and Lina Romay.

The Canterbury Tales

Second movie of “The trilogy of life” by the great Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini. The film follows The Decameron and precedes Arabian Nights.
Unlike the first chapter, this second work offers us a much higher number of nude celebrities, for our joy. Elisabetta Genovese, Heather Johnson, Jenny Runacre and Josephine Chaplin interpret the nude stories of Boccaccio. A nice feast of actresses.