Christina, whose original title is Christina y la reconversión sexual, tells us about an erotic writer who remembers her best sexual adventures. And they are really many.
She tells and we listen willingly, because the naked actresses involved in her stories are many and are beautiful. First of all there is Christina, played by Jewel Shepard. And then there are Anne-Marie Jensen, Helen Devon, Josephine Jacqueline Jones and Pepita Full James.
Group sex, sauna, lesbian scenes… A good movie!

My Tutor

Bobby has some shortcomings in French courses, so his family provides him with a tutor, played by the beautiful Caren Kaye. He is a horny teen, she is a fabulous blonde who practices nudism. It is easy to imagine how he cares about studing French, while he is totally fallen in love by his teacher… Caren Kaye naked in many sequences. Furthermore, the participation of the mythical and prosperous Kitten Natividad!