11 Days 11 Nights

We speak about a movie by the master Joe D’Amato, 11 Days 11 Nights. It was made to follow the success of Nine 1/2 Weeks. Maybe it isn’t one of his best movies but it shows a naked and very sexy Jessica Moore, so we can’t miss it.

Riflessi di luce

Ok, if you love Italian nude actresses of the 80s, the nude scenes extrapolated from this movie are the ones you should take on a desert island. Jessica Moore, Laura Gemser, Loredana Romito and Pamela Prati. A poker of women very difficult to beat! Showers, topless poolside, lesbian scenes… Riflessi di luce is one of our favorite movies of all time.
The lesbian sequences between Pamela Prati and Loredana Romito will cause you constant erections. These two women are really fabulous. And the other two are definitely exciting. This is the story of Italian sexy cinema, guys, and if you missed the lesson it’s time to study.

Top Model

Top Model, is a movie that was presented in USA as the second part of 11 Days 11 Nights. It’s not true, this two movies has only the same director, Joe D’Amato, and the same beautiful Jessica Moore nude, nothing more. Anyway Jessica Moore is always naked and gorgeous, together with Laura Gemser – but she doesn’t strip in this movie.