Today we present a movie that became a cult before it was made, thanks to a fake trailer in Grindhouse, by Tarantino and Rodriguez. We’re speaking of Machete. A few words, many action scenes, blood, interiors… and a good list of beautiful women. Among these we remember Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Alicia Rachel Marek and Mayra Leal. Plus, a very sexy Michelle Rodriguez, unfortunately a little dressed. You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily updated archives.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Eva Green with the body in black and white, and red lips is a heavenly vision. The nudity that we show today is an excerpt from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and we are confident that you will enjoy them. In addition to Eva Green, you can also enjoy Juno Temple nude. And some sequences supersexy with Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba, engaged to entertain the customers of a nightclub with breathtaking ballets. All the nude scenes taken from this masterpiece are in our archives, in HD.

Sin City

Sin City is a masterpiece and everyone has already said it. So we’ll deal with another Sin City, that of nude actresses. Or sexy actresses. Or beautiful actresses. First of all: Carla Gugino. We adore this woman. In this movie she’s attractive, beautiful, sensual… and naked! Three letters to describe her: WOW. And then there are four other wonders: Brittany Murphy, Jaime King, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson. All supersexy, but we want to highlight the ballet of Jessica Alba. Another WOW.

Idle Hands

Have you celebrated Halloween? We did, of course, looking a horror movie, Idle Hands, the fool story of a demon who possesses the hand of a lazy boy, making him commit crimes against his will. Cutting his hand helps a little, because it will continue to go around killing… Obviously the movie we watch this movie for nude actresses! Kelly Monaco wins our Best Halloween costume, which consist in painted face and titts in the wind! Along with her, a supersexy Jessica Alba in one of her first big screen interpretations. On CinemaCult no tricks, just treats!