Fiorina the Cow

Today we present a great cult movie, Fiorina la vacca. This movie is wellknown because it shows many nude actresses, from Angela Covello to Ewa Aulin, Graziella Galvani, Janet Agren and Jenny Tamburi. A movie you can’t loose if you’re a collector in this genre. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

La moglie di mio padre

La moglie di mio padre is the classical erotic triangle with a father, a son and the new father’s wife. This movie hasn’t a great story but it shows good characters, among them Adolfo Celi and Carroll Baker. This one, together with a sexy Femi Benussi, is the reason why we’re presenting this movie. You can see unforgettable nudes with the beautiful Femi Benussi and Carla Spessato. And a little sexy clip from Jenny Tamburi. In our archives you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Professione Vacanze

Professione Vacanze is an Italian TV series from 1987. A fun and carefree comedy. As for naked actresses it’s a wasted opportunity. We have Isabel Russinova, Jenny Tamburi, Laura Troschel, Mara Venier, Marina Viro and Sabrina Salerno. And no one takes off his clothes.
But the bikinis are so many and we can also enjoy the sight of some nice ass.


Lisa Gastoni is the mother, Jenny Tamburi the daughter and Barbara Marzano a friend of her, willing to have new experiences. They are the beautiful and naked actresses from Seduction, a movie by Fernando Di Leo. Three ways of being nude: the mature Lisa Gastoni, the young Jenny Tamburi and the busty Barbara Marzano. They will leave you astonished!

The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine

This update is dedicated to Jenny Tamburi‘s belovers. Today we present the movie The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine, a movie from the “nunsploitation” genre in which the main character is Jenny Tamburi, together with other beauties such as Dada Gallotti, Aldina Martano and Françoise Prévost. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Tutti in palestra

Tutti in palestra was made in 1987, but was broadcast on television only in 1989. It’s a series in three episodes that takes place in a gym. The topic is simple: the love and romantic adventures of the gym goers.
We are particularly interested in the gym visitors, because they are some of the most beautiful and sensual celebrities of that period. The names? Jenny Tamburi, Mara Venier, Marina Viro, Pamela Prati and Sabrina Salerno.
You would have liked to have a card for this gym, right?

Voglia di guardare

Joe D’Amato directed three icons of the erotic cinema, with an intriguing movie: Jenny Tamburi, Lilli Carati and Laura Gemser. Both for erotism and nude skin, the movie is very good and we can only congratulate again with this director. Plus: beautiful blonde actress Aldina Martano in lesbo scenes with Laura Gemser. So, the movie we present today is Voglia di guardare and we speak of it in today update, with a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.