Young Alan loves horses, yet one night he blinds all those in his stable. A psychologist will try to understand the reasons for this gesture and find out, – spoiler alert – that the reason must be sought in a sex break with the beautiful Jill, played by Jenny Agutter. Equus is a complicated and disturbing film, drawn from the play by Peter Shaffer. He was nominated for three Oscars, won two Golden Globes and a BAFTA award for Jenny Agutter as Best Supporting Actress. The beautiful actress is also the reason why we talk about this movie. Her many fans will be delighted to see her completely naked and in HD.


The many who looks for Jenny Agutter naked can stop here, because in our today update we present some scenes from the film Walkabout: here she’s shown in all her glory. Beautiful naked integrals for some sequences you would see over and over again. In this 1971 film a very young Jenny Agutter who often strips and gives us a couple of astonishing naked integrals in the water and on the beach. Another update you can’t lose!