American Pie Presents the Book of Love

American Pie Presents the Book of Love is the seventh chapter of the lucky series of movies related to this brand. Ten years have passed since the adventures of the first movie, and they tell of the adventures of three virgin students in the East Great Falls High library, the legendary sex manual already mentioned in American Pie, which reveals all the secrets of virility. Unfortunately the book is ruined and with incomplete indications… There are a lot of nude actresses, starting with beautiful Jennifer Holland, who also gives us a nice lesbo kiss with Cindy Busby and Naomi Hewer. And Cindy Lucas, Holly Eglington, Melanie Papalia, Shannon Cotnam and Taryn Johnston are on the list. An unmissable update!

Zombie Strippers!

Zombies had been seen in all ways, in many movies. The way we prefer is the one proposed in Zombie Strippers!, a movie in which Jenna Jameson, together with a team of strippers, shows us everything during a sexy lap dance. Togheter with her: Jennifer Holland, Penny Drake, Roxy Saint and Shamron Moore. Stripteases, big boobs, shaved pussies… Join now and enjoy the nude clips in our archive.