100 Girls

Matthew meets the girl of his dreams on the elevator of the college dorm. Unfortunately he meets her during a blackout and doesn’t see her in the face, but falls in love with her instantly. In the morning the power is restored, but she’s now gone.
Matthew has only one clue: she lives in a all-girls dorm. A half-year long survey begins. Who can be the girl? Arlene? Patty? Cynthia? The girls are 100 and finding the one he fell in love with will not be easy.
This movie is full of beautiful actresses. Biljana Filipovic, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Ivana Bozilovic, Jaime Pressly, Julieanne Steger, Katherine Heigl, Kristin Herold, Marissa Ribisi… Many beauties, some nude, some supersexy… A balm for the eyes.

DOA: Dead or Alive

We nerds are always happy when a video game becomes a movie. Maybe it’s not the best of movies, but there are four actresses who make us want to take the joystick!
Devon Aoki, Holly Valance, Jaime Pressly and Sarah Carter; much more beautiful than the video game characters. For a start, they’re in bikinis for almost the whole movie. Devon Aoki shows us her panties during her somersaults. Holly Valance goes naked from the shower and wears lingerie while fighting some shady guys.
We have to tell you how sexy Jaime Pressly is? No, you already know that. And Sarah Carter is super sexy while fighting with Holly Valance.