Dexter [Season 2]

Second season for our Dexter, the serial killer gentleman who kills only criminals. Things start getting complicated because a colleague starts to suspect him. In addition, the tide brings to the shore the bodies of which he had got rid of.
In short, life is not easy for a serial killer.
In this second season next to the beautiful Julie Benz we find Jaime Murray, who offers us some very intriguing nudes.

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

We have dreamed of Lucy Lawless nude for long, since she was in the sexy leather suit of Xena: Warrior Princess and then in the space during Battlestar Galactica. Thanks to the Spartacus saga, our dreams became real and we can see her body in all its beauty, together with other fabulous celebrities. We’ve already presented the first two seasons of Spartacus and soon we’ll present the third. In the meantime, we present a list of total nude scenes from the short tv serial Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, prequel of the main serial. First of all we must speak of the scenes with Lucy Lawless and Jaime Murray, in lesbo contests or threesome. But the boobs party doesn’t end here with these two beauties. Together with them, we can see nude in front of the camera: Lesley-Ann BrandtJessica Grace Smith and the super-sexy Marisa Ramirez.