The Pussycat Syndrome

The nude celebrities collectors knows that there are many movies in which the story is less important than nude scenes. There are a lot of movies between erotic and hardcore, in which stories have the only the function of linking different nude scenes. The rare movie The Pussycat Syndrome is in the first places of this “movie without story” parade. The movie goes from dramatic to comic and you never understand what the director wants. But it doesn’t matter, there’s the sexy Ajita Wilson nude and dirtier than ever. There’s also an hardcore scene, the only real blowjob in the whole movie. Togheter with Ajita, the busty Tina Eklund and the skinnier Jacquelint Marcant. Many nude scenes and a couple of lesbo scenes, too. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.