L’ultimo treno della notte

On the train you meet people of all kinds, but the protagonists of L’ultimo treno della notte probably meet the worst type: two psychopaths and a sociopathic nymphomaniac. Obviously the trip sucks.
In the role of the nymphomaniac in exciting black stockings we find Macha Méril. Irene Miracle, beautiful and naked, is among the passengers not very happy to meet the psychopaths.

La portiera nuda

La portiera nuda is the classic Italian erotic movie of the 70s. Indeed, the classic movie that oscillates between the comedy and the erotic. A young girl goes to work as a concierge in a Roman apartment building and inevitably ends up in the clutches of all the male tenants.
The two nude actresses taking part in the story are Erika Blanc and Irene Miracle.