Blutjunge Verführerinnen 2

Among the most requested nude celebrities from the past, the blonde Ingrid Steeger is no doubt one of the first in this list. Today we show her with curly hair, most sensual than ever, thanks to some videos from the movie Blutjunge Verführerinnen 2. It’s the sequel of Blutjunge Verführerinnen, that we already presented here, a kind of documentary on young European women’s sex habits. The director is Erwin C. Dietrich, so that you can be sure there are a lot of tits and asses. The blonde Ingrid Steeger isn’t the only nude celebrity in this episodic movie. Each episode presents a nude actress, and the list is long: Dorit HenkeMelitta TegelerYvonne SchneiderMargrit SiegelEvelyne TraegerChrista FreeRena Bergen and Biggi Jordan. This last one is involved in a good lesbo scene with Ingrid Steeger.

Blutjunge Verführerinnen 3

Third chapter of the Blutjunge Verführerinnen‘s trilogy, made by Erwin C. Dietrich. A kind of long documentary on the sexual habits of young and free European women. In the first movie, a group of journalists met around a table and each of them told a spicy story. In the second chapter of the serie, a writer dictated some erotic stories to his secretary. In this Blutjunge Verführerinnen 3 an hitch-hiker told the driver some stories. The hitch-hiker is the mythical Ingrid Steeger and, once again, the stories give us the opportunity to see a long list of nude actresses: Karin Hofmann, Claudia Fielers, Chitta Coray and the busty Nadine De Rangot. Of course, Ingrid Steeger is nude and not a simply narrator.

Blutjunge Verführerinnen

In the seventies genre films churned out, among other things, the mondo movie, pseudo documentaries ranging from various topics and never forget to include sex. In Germany there were several reports movie documenting the secret vices of the contemporaries. Among them, we can’t forget the famous Blutjunge Verführerinnen. The editor of a magazine and its editors gather around a table to prepare some news reports on uninhibited young women. Each of them has a story and every story, of course, shows a naked celebrity. The celebrity best known is the blonde Ingrid Steeger. But the list of nude celebrities in this film is immense: Dorit Henke, Margit Cizek, Margrit Siegel, Melitta Tegeler, Evelyne Traeger, Kathrin Heberle, Rena Bergen and Ursula Marty. In our archives, many nude scenes from this movie. You can’t miss out them!

Der lüsterne Türke

Today we present a new chapter in our retrospective on the blonde Ingrid Steeger. It doesn’t matter how many videos of Ingrid Steeger nude we can add to our archives, our users will ask for more. They’re right doing this, because this German actress is beautiful and sensual and she has became a sexy icon all over the world. The movie we present today is Der lüsterne Türke and Ingrid is wearing the clothes of a sexual slave. Many interesting sequences that can’t be missed in your collection of nude actresses.

Higher and Higher

If you don’t know who’s Ingrid Steeger, now it’s the moment to discover her. If you already know who’s this gorgeous German actress, you’ll be glad to see some nude scenes from Higher and Higher. It’s a very strong movie, where Ingrid is a groupie ready to do anything to follow the singer she loves. Nude scenes are a lot and there’s the less popular Vivian Weiss, too. Now in HD! (more…)

The Sex Adventures of the Three Musketeers

A new chapter in the nude filmography of Ingrid Steeger. This time we present the erotic version of a great classic, The Musketeers. D’Artagnan wants to become one of the musketeers, but he discovers they’re more interested in dissolution than eroic acts. A good plot idea for this movie by Erwin C. Dietrich, The Sex Adventures of the Three Musketeers (original title Die Sex-Abenteuer der drei Musketiere). Unfortunately, the realization of the idea isn’t so good. The movie include scenes coming from other unfinished films and sold as flashback tales by the musketeers, the horses are fakes, the story is boring… but there Ingrid Steeger nude and and this is what we care! Now in HD!

The Swinging Stewardesses

In The Swinging Stewardesses (original title Die Stewardessen): The director Erwin C. Dietrich tells the story of four sexually unrestrained hostesses and their sex adventures flying from Copenhagen to Zurich, Rome and Munich. Together with Ingrid Steeger, you can enjoy other nude and interesting actresses: Margrit Siegel, Evelyne Traeger and Ursula Marty.

Zwei Kumpel in Tirol

To talk about Zwie Kumpel in Tirol we must make a premise: it’s not a movie but a collage. It is in fact a work recycled and directed by Alois Brummer and composed of clips taken from old films by the same director.
So why watch this movie? First of all to watch Ingrid Steeger naked. And then to look at all the other nude actresses. The list is long: Christine Kuon, Christine Noack, Doris Delaas, Elke Boltenhagen, Flavia Keyt, Karin Götz, Karin Hofmann and Sandra Reni.