Marfa Girl 2

Marfa Girl 2 is obviously the sequel of Marfa Girl, again directed by Larry Clark. The protagonist is a Texan guy who has difficulty in relating to the people around him. On the contrary, we would like to relate with the female protagonists of the movie. Drake Burnette and Indigo Rael are two welcome returns, and together with them you can find Mercedes Maxwell and Jennifer Creager. Many beautiful nude sequences for your eyes.

Marfa Girl

he young Mexican Adam receives sexual attention from his girlfriend and his neighbor. A very interesting situation, especially if the two girls in question are played by Drake Burnette and Indigo Rael.
Indigo shows us only her tits, but Drake Burnette shows us all there is to see! This girl is really a sexy bombshell and we enjoyed all her nude scenes, from sex scenes to the sequence where she pisses in front of Adam.