A tutte le auto della polizia

Adriana Falco, Gloria Piedimonte and Ilona Staller are the three nude actresses from this classic crime italian movie. Ass, boobs, full frontals… nothing is missed in this good recipe. If you like crime action movies… and if you like boobs, well this movie is for you! In our archives you’ll find the nude clips from this movie.

Chocolate Bananas

We’re going on speaking of hardcore classic movies. Today we present the complete review and some clips from one of the most famous movies with Ilona Staller, alias Cicciolina: Chocolate Bananas (original title is Banana al cioccolato). It is no doubt a cult movies for this genre. Don’t loose the amazing clips from this movie, where Cicciolina has dark hairs and is very intriguing.

Cicciolina e Moana ai Mondiali

There are movies considered mythical even if they had been seen by a few. One of these is Mundial Sex, that we can’t avoid presenting in these days of Brazil 2014. But this movie is better known as Cicciolina e Moana ai Mondiali. Ilona Staller and Moana Pozzi, queens of italian hardcore. Who’ve never heard of this movie, a classical in hardcore production, a piece of porn history? Together with these fabulous pornstars are other famous actors such as Ron Jeremy (acting as Maradona…), Ida Fabry and Miss Pomodoro. Don’t miss videos from this classic of ’90s.

I prosseneti

Today we present another rare movie, I prosseneti, a movie that isn’t a masterpiece but it shows a long list of nude beauties. We start with Stefania Casini and Silvia Dionisio, then the very young Ilona Staller and a sensual Sonja Jeannine. All this ends with a mature Juliette Mayniel showing her breast. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.


Inhibition is a movie that gives some beautiful scenes to the collectors of nude celebrities. The main characters are due sexy bombs: Claudine Beccarie e Ilona Staller. It’s 1976 and the young Ilona Staller hadn’t made anything in the porn industry. In the videos from this movie by Paolo Poeti, you can see her at 25, blonde and nude, involved in a couple of lesbo scenes with the beautiful Claudine Beccarie. There is a little cameo with Dirce Funari and Zaira Zoccheddu, both uncredited in the end titles of this movie. Four beautiful nude actresses for a new update that you can’t miss.


We really like watching Orchidea De Santis nude, with her necklace around her waist and those beautiful big tits. One of the most beautiful blondies from Italian cinema between ’70s and ’80s. If we watch her in a movie where she’s together with another blonde, one of the world’s most famous, Ilona Staller, then the view is fabulous . Ilona Staller when she wasn’t yet Cicciolina, very young and gorgeous. The film which gave us these nude scenes is L’ingenua and between showers and ass facing a car window, you can’t lose them.

La bottega del piacere

From the end of the 70s up to the early 90s Arduino Sacco has shot almost a hundred films, sometimes with his name, sometimes with pseudonyms (such as Hard Sac and Dudy Stee). Most of these films were erotic or pornographic. Some are real classics of Italian adult cinema, such as La bottega del piacere, interpreted by four hardcore stars: Caroline Laurie, Ilona Staller (AKA Cicciolina), Marina Lotar and Moana Pozzi.
Little plot and lots of sexual action, with these actresses who are dedicated to the whole sample of mainstream porn, from blowjobs to threesomes.

La Liceale

La Liceale (AKA The Teasers) is a very rich movie, with intriguing scenes and many nude skin. The first total nude announced in front titles, too. All the movie is a long parade of nude bodies: the main character is the fabulous Gloria Guida, one of the most beautiful actresses in Italian movies. Together with her, the young and still far from porn industry Ilona Staller. A movie that all the nude celebrities collectors appreciate. We present a complete review with some clips to illustrate it, and you’ll be astonished by these videos!

La supplente

Carmen Villani, Dayle Haddon, a very young Ilona Staller and Gloria Piedimonte. This cast couldn’t be anything else than a cult movie cast. We’re presenting the movie La supplente. There are a lot of nude and sex scenes, especially if we think this is a sexy comedy and nothing more. A masterpiece of nude skin! You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily updated archives.

Porno Poker

Do you like playing strip poker? Ilona Staller, aka Cicciolina, plays a very hard version. In the game that we know who loses takes off his clothes. In this version you do things a bit more savvy, like blowjobs and anal sex.
We hope to find someone who wants to play with us…

Private Vices, Public Virtues

Private Vices, Public Virtues (original title Vizi privati, pubbliche virtù) by the movie director Miklós Jancsó, is one of the many movies inspired to the Mayerling days, the suicide of Rudolph von Augsburg and his lover, Mary von Vetsera. In this movie she is interpreted by the actress Teresa Ann Savoy. On the screen, together with the Savoy’s nude body, we can see many actresses starting with the beautiful Pamela Villoresi, then the sexy Susanna Javicoli and a very young Ilona Staller. Also: Gloria Piedimonte totally naked. Now in HD!

Senza Buccia

Our research of rare movies never stop. Today we’ve found some clips from a very rare movie: Senza buccia, with the fabulous Lilli Carati and Ilona Staller. It is still an erotic movie, but with many nudes, even total nudes. An update you can’t miss.

Yellow Emanuelle

After the classical Emmanuelle and the very famous Black Emanuelle (with only one m), it’s time for Yellow Emanuelle. We’re speaking of the beautiful Chai Lee, nude and outstanding in this movie known as Yellow Emanuelle (AKA Il mondo dei sensi di Emy Wong). Together with her, the very young and sensual – and very nude! – Ilona Staller.