The Diary 3

And we are at the third episode of The Diary. The main character, Anna, who is played by the beautiful Lila Baumann, is now in Italy and is reinventing herself as an actress.
The bad news: in this movie Lila Baumann strips very little. The good news: there are other nude and beautiful actresses. Their names? Ilona Fouchet, Marine Imbert and Olga Bousse. All very nice.

The Diary 4

Last chapter of the saga of The Diary. A pity, because this is the last time we can admire the fabulous Lila Baumann on screen.
The main protagonist is still in Italy, in Rome, and someone stole her diary. Maybe that’s why the saga is over? No, because she will find the diary again. And he will also find an old love.
Nude together with Lila Baumann on the screen are Ilona Fouchet, Ludmila Mignol, Roxane Ferrier and Valentine Tessier.