Attenti a quelle due ninfomani

Despite of the title (which in Italian translates “Beware of those two nymphomaniacs”), the nymphomaniacs in this movie are more than two. This beautiful porn movie of the early 80s has a very respectable cast, with the most popular Italian pornstars of the time: Guia Lauri Filzi, Marina Lotar, Sabrina Mastrolorenzi, Sandy Samuel and Sonia Bennett.
In addition, Marcella Petrelli, an actress who has never filmed hardcore sequences, but who often hung out in these films and had a large number of fans.

Black Deep Throat

The journalist Claudine, who suffers from nymphomania attacks, investigates the orgies organized by a famous actor.
The title of this movie, Black Deep Throat (original title is Gola profonda nera), is a clear reference to the famous Deep Throat. In the 70s in Italy it was common practice to use titles that remember other famous films. An example of all is the Emanuelle of Laura Gemser who shamelessly quotes the most famous Emmanuelle.
In this movie we find Ajita Wilson in the role of the journalist and with her there are also Agnes Kalpagos and Guia Lauri Filzi. The sex scenes are so many!

Claude e Corinne

This movie is a classic Italian hardcore known with six different titles: Claude e Corinne, Claude e Corinne (Un Ristorante particolare), Doppio piacere, Le Pornocuoche, Un Ristorante particolare and A Special Restaurant. Wow.
This is the classic hardcore of the 80s, with a plot, dialogues and of course many sequences of sex. Claude and Corinne have a restaurant and sex and a shemale are also included in the menu.
The movie is directed by the director Giuliana Gamba under the pseudonym of Therese Dunn, the only female director in the Italian hardcore of the twentieth century.
To cheer us with sexual performances, lesbian scenes and orgies are Guia Lauri Filzi, Louise Godet, Mary Ramunno (as Mary Ramon) and Sandy Samuel.

Dangerous Love

There are cult actresses almost unknown to the larger public, but they have a great success among the collectors. One of these is no doubt the beautiful Mara Bronzoni. In the early 80s she took part to some harcore movies but without hardcore scenes. Blonde, with a malicious smile and a fabulous body, Mara Bronzoni nude is one of those requests we often receive from our members. Another actress is often in triple-x movies but playing only in soft scenes: Karin Well, another blonde with a beautiful body. Today we present them together in the movie Dangerous Love (AKA Porno lui erotica lei), in which they play with two famous pornstars of that age: Guia Lauri Filzi and Sandy Samuel. You can’t loose this update!

Dolce gola

Today we present some clips from a rare movie, required by our members since we’ve been online: Dolce gola, the only film in which Paola Montenero plays hardcore scenes. It starts with a scene with oral sex and 69, then a lesbian duet between Paola and Guia Lauri Filzi. The large number of fans of Paola Montenero will be delighted. But she is not the only rare gem of this film. There are also sequences with another actress very requested by lovers of the ’80s porn: Mara Bronzoni. This stunning blonde only made softcore, but she’s a joy for eyes. And yet Marzia Damon and Monica Nickel, other cult actresses. Unfortunately the quality of the movies is not excellent, but we’re talking about one of the rarest movies ever. Videos that you find only on CinemaCult and in no other site of nude actresses. If you needed a good reason to subscribe, today you’ve been served. Now with longer clips and new footage!

Dolce… calda Lisa

Claudia Rocchi nude is beautiful. She’s known by other two names, Deborah Keith and Marina Rocchi. She was a meteor of the Italian cinema of the ’80s. The videos of which we speak today are from the movie Dolce… calda Lisa, in which there are two other nude actresses, two icons for our readers: Annj Goren and Guia Lauri Filzi. The film is full of very erotic sequences and there is a short hardcore scene: a blowjob done by Guia Lauri Filzi.

La doppia bocca di Erika

La doppia bocca di Erika is one of Ajita Wilson‘s first hardcore movies. He was George at the registry office and was a fireman sergeant. In the mid-seventies he changed sex and started acting in many softcore and hardcore movies. He died, very young, in Rome.
In the same film we also find the famous Guia Lauri Filzi, who played over fifty hardcore films between the 70s and 80s. Italian, perhaps of Argentine origin, you know very little about her.
And again: Laura Levi and Nadine Roussial, two other pornstars with a discrete fan base.
The film is the classic Italian porn, with some entertaining dialogue and a nice collection of hard sequences.

Valentina, Girl in Heat

Valentina, Girl in Heat (original title: Valentina, ragazza in calore) is the first porn experience of Moana Pozzi, who in this film uses the pseudonym Linda Heveret. The film gave her some hassles, since at that time Moana Pozzi was conducting a television program for children on Italian state TV.
Along with her in the film, two other well-known names in 80s hardcore cinema: Guia Lauri Filzi and Nadine Roussial.