A tutte le auto della polizia

Adriana Falco, Gloria Piedimonte and Ilona Staller are the three nude actresses from this classic crime italian movie. Ass, boobs, full frontals… nothing is missed in this good recipe. If you like crime action movies… and if you like boobs, well this movie is for you! In our archives you’ll find the nude clips from this movie.

Le seminariste

We go on in our research of very rare movies. Today we speak of a funny comedy, Le seminariste, that offers us a fine group of nude actresses among which we can find Daniela Doria, Gisela Hahn, Gloria Piedimonte and Paola Tedesco. A great cult movie for collectors, that comes with a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Nazi Love Camp 27

We’re back with a movie from the nazi-erotic genre, called also nazi-porn due to the many hardcore scenes added after to many of these movies. The movie we present today, Nazi Love Camp 27 (original title La svastica nel ventre) is a good work by Mario Caiano but here he used the alias William Hawkins. He was a good director for genre movies, from the spaghetti-western to the police movies. In this movie we can admire also the beautiful Sirpa Lane, Christiana Borghi, Gloria Piedimonte, Renata Moar, Rita Moscatelli and Sarah Crespi.

La supplente

Carmen Villani, Dayle Haddon, a very young Ilona Staller and Gloria Piedimonte. This cast couldn’t be anything else than a cult movie cast. We’re presenting the movie La supplente. There are a lot of nude and sex scenes, especially if we think this is a sexy comedy and nothing more. A masterpiece of nude skin! You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily updated archives.

Come cani arrabbiati

Finally, we’re back presenting new content with Paola Senatore naked! A beautiful HD sequence in which she strips and then dresses up, wearing black stockings with a hot sensuality. And more, some total nude scenes for all your tastes. In addition to her, other popular celebrities among nude actress collectors: Gloria Piedimonte and Annarita Grapputo. The sequences are taken from a film called: Come cani arrabbiati and we present the videos in HD. Rare material that you can find only on CinemaCult.

Private Vices, Public Virtues

Private Vices, Public Virtues (original title Vizi privati, pubbliche virtù) by the movie director Miklós Jancsó, is one of the many movies inspired to the Mayerling days, the suicide of Rudolph von Augsburg and his lover, Mary von Vetsera. In this movie she is interpreted by the actress Teresa Ann Savoy. On the screen, together with the Savoy’s nude body, we can see many actresses starting with the beautiful Pamela Villoresi, then the sexy Susanna Javicoli and a very young Ilona Staller. Also: Gloria Piedimonte totally naked. Now in HD!