Adventures of a Taxi Driver

If you think the taxi driver is a hard job, you should carefully observe the adventures of Joe North. He is a London taxi driver with considerable luck in terms of female clients. In fact, very often Joe brings them to bed!
So many tits in this movie, a striptease, a long hot bath… the usual moments that catch our attention. The nude actresses are Angela Scoular, Anna Bergman, Gloria Maley, Jane Hayden and Prudence Drage.

The Sex Thief

Is a period of shaved pussies, but a jump in the past reminds us of what the actresses had under the panties in the 70s: hair.
The Sex Thief tells the adventures of a jewelry thief who doesn’t steal only jewelry. He often has sex with the victims of his thefts. And there are many nude actresses: Deirdre Costello, Diane Keen, Gloria Maley, Jennifer Westbrook, Susan Glanville and Val Penny.
So much, so much bare skin. Striptease, bathtubs, naked nudes… our thief allows us to follow several interesting situations. Five full stars.