Being Twenty

Another movie means another cult movie, here. Being Twenty dues its title to the book Aden Arabia by Paul Nizan and tells the story of two girls, Gloria Guida and Lilli Carati, that decides to live in a complete freedom. This movie, despite of showing miles and miles of nude skin, has also a good story. Almost the whole movie has a comedy tone but the first ending they made was terrible and bloody. The public was shocked and the movie disappeared from cinemas in a while. Then it appeared again with a new and happy end. In today update you can find this movie review and some fabulous video clips with Gloria Guida and Lilli Carati. Unforgettable!

Blue Jeans

It’s always a great pleasure for us see Gloria Guida nude, especially in a movie like Blue Jeans, where the beautiful blonde actress gives her best. Some scenes are really unforgettable, as those one in which the camera makes a close up on Gloria Guida‘s bottom, while she’s dropping her pants and crouching to pee. Only six seconds but very pleasant. There are many nude scenes in this movie and if Gloria Guida naked isn’t enough, you can see the beautiful Annie Carol Edel together with her.

Fico d’india

An impenitent playboy, a mayor of a small town and his beautiful wife are the characters of a funny comedy of misunderstandings entitled Fico d’india. The most interesting thing for us lovers of nude actresses is Gloria Guida, naked of course. Few videos, but beautiful!

Il gatto mammone

On the menu today there is a classic: Gloria Guida naked in the shower. The scenes are taken from a 1975 film by Nando Cicero: Il gatto mammone. It’s the story of a man unable to become a father but convinced that his wife is sterile. He searches for a substitute to give them an heir. In the role of the substitute, the young and blonde Gloria Guida. In the role of his wife, a beautiful Rossana Podestà. But is it the wife the sterile one? Video clips and film review are in our archives.

Il gatto mammone

The Sicilian man Lollo Mascalucia has for years pretended not to want children, a lie to hide his wife’s sterility. But he’s determinated to have one, so he agrees with a girl willing to give him an heir, played by the beautiful Gloria Guida. The son will not even come with her, thus discovering that Lollo is sterile and not his wife. Finally, his wife, played by Rossana Podestà, gives him the longed-for child, using a substitute.

Il medico… la studentessa

Many nude scenes in the film Il medico… la studentessa, in which Gloria Guida and Nieves Navarro are respectively the stepdaughter and stepmother. Both are allowed nude in front of the camera in many sscene, including some sequences that will delight the fetishists, including black stockings and a nice massage at the feet of Gloria Guida. And let’s not forget Nieves Navarro who gets ridden! A truly unmissable update!

Il solco di pesca

Gloria Guida is one of the most requested actressess in emails from our members. We must agree, she’s one of the beauties of that age of Italian Sexy Comedy in which nude skin started to appear. We present today Il solco di pesca, one of her most popular movies, in which she act near a fashinating Martine Brochard. Full frontal nudes, sexy stockings and pantyhose, a little of bondage… you can’t miss the clips in our archive.

Indagine su un delitto perfetto

CinemaCult has been online for fifteen years. In this long time we have been receiving a lot of requests for some actresses, even if new celebs arrives every day. Every day we receive new requests for one of the unforgettable icons in erotic comedy, in example Gloria Guida. And we are here to satisfy you. Today, in example we present the review for the movie Indagine su un delitto perfetto, together with some clips from the beautiful actress, with a scene in which she’s totally naked and a walking dressed only with black pantyhose. Another update you can’t really loose! You can find it in our daily updated archives.


Gloria Guida doesn’t need any introduction, our members are always happy when we speak of her. There are many video, clips and reviews in our archives about her career, but sometimes we find something new to share. Today, in example, we present the movie L’affittacamere, a good sexy comedy with many nude scenes, with some with Gloria Guida totally naked. Together with her, the beautiful Marilda Donà. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

L'infermiera di notte

Today update presents four beautiful actresses: Gloria GuidaPaola SenatoreAnnamaria Clementi and Francesca Romana Coluzzi. You can’t imagine more than these. The movie is L’infermiera di notte, a little jewel in italian erotic comedy, with many scenes with nudes . You can find a complete review and many astonishing clips to illustrate it.

La casa stregata

La casa stregata does not offer nude scenes, unfortunately, but it is still a piece of the filmography of Gloria Guida that cannot be forgotten. Gloria Guida naked is not there, but the beautiful blonde actress succeed in showing us several supersexy sequences. Fundamental movie for collectors.

La liceale nella classe dei ripetenti

Watching Gloria Guida nude is always a great pleasure for us and we like pleasing our members, too. Today we present La liceale nella classe dei ripetenti, a movie with many nudes to admire. Together with the beautiful Gloria Guida, we underline the presence of the busty Ria De Simone, supersexy but unfortunately dressed, and the presence of the less popular Mangalika Di Tyadura. The nude celebrities collectors will be happy, thanks to the complete movie review and the clips that you can find in our daily updated archives.

La Liceale seduce i professori

La Liceale seduce i professori deserves a view even for the beautiful and big tits of Donatella Damiani, one of our favorite actresses in Italian cinema of the 70s. But if her tits were not enough, we add Gloria Guida nude and Lorraine De Selle, obviously naked too. An unmissable update for lovers of nude actresses.

La liceale, il diavolo e l’acquasanta

La liceale, il diavolo e l’acquasanta is an episodic film starring the fabulous Gloria Guida. Unfortunately, the scenes with Gloria Guida nude are very few, but there is no lack of scenes in the bathtub, supersexy sequences, dances with tight-fitting suits and bathrobes that open… In addition, a couple of intriguing scenes are played by Marcella Petrelli, an actress much loved by lovers of Italian nude cinema of the 70s.

La Liceale

La Liceale (AKA The Teasers) is a very rich movie, with intriguing scenes and many nude skin. The first total nude announced in front titles, too. All the movie is a long parade of nude bodies: the main character is the fabulous Gloria Guida, one of the most beautiful actresses in Italian movies. Together with her, the young and still far from porn industry Ilona Staller. A movie that all the nude celebrities collectors appreciate. We present a complete review with some clips to illustrate it, and you’ll be astonished by these videos!

La novizia

One of the first movies of the cult actress Gloria Guida, halfway between the erotic and the dramatic genre. A boy returns to his native country in Sicily to visit his dying uncle and falls in love with the nun who assists him. Love is reciprocated, but it will not last long.
Many interesting scenes and a full frontal for Gloria Guida while she running in a meadow. Plus, beautiful sequences also for another mythical actress: Femi Benussi.

La ragazzina

Today many members would be happy because we’re speaking of La ragazzina, the first movie interpreted by the sexy icon Gloria Guida. Together with her naked beauty, we can admire Colette Descombes‘ nude body, another interesting actres. Aw, Gloria Guida nude is perfect. We love her. In our archives you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Maschio latino cercasi

Maschio latino cercasi is an episodic film that tells how the Italian male deals with sex: from the elderly gentleman who uses plastic surgery to avoid looking old next to the young girlfriend, until the couples exchange. An excellent cast of nude actresses: Gloria Guida among all, and last but not least Adriana Asti, Brigitte Petronio, Dayle Haddon and Stefania Casini.

Orazi e Curiazi 3 a 2

We go on with rare movies. Today we present Orazi e Curiazi 3 a 2, a comedy from the 70s, with the mythic Gloria Guida. It isn’t an amazing movie, but we’re more interested in her beautiful nude skin. In our daily updated archives you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Peccati di gioventù

Angela is not happy with her father’s new lover and does everything to destroy their relationship. Peccati di gioventù is a film that does not keep what it promises, unfortunately: dull dialogues and subdued acting. But Gloria Guida nude makes this movie memorable. Full frontals and a sequence of nude skin by Dagmar Lassander, too.

That Malicious Age

Another update, another astonishing trailers, other beauties to drive us crazy. We’re speaking about Gloria Guida and Anita Sanders, actresses in one of the movie we’re presenting today: That Malicious Age. A must have for nude cinema’s lovers…

Travolto dagli affetti familiari

Gloria Guida in this film is the lover of Mené, a failed real estate agent with no money, who will try various tricks to raise his fortune. Obviously, the most interesting part of this film is Gloria Guida Nude, which delights us with some interesting and full nude scenes!