Sole, cuore, amore

Sole, cuore, amore (which means Sun, heart, love) is a small jewel of Italian cinema and we almost regret doing a simple analysis based on tits and asses, although this is our main task. The story of an Italian woman who has to bear the weight of a family on her shoulders after her husband has lost his job.
We would like to mention the beautiful nudes of the actress Isabella Ragonese and the lesbian shower with Eva Grieco and Giulia Anchisi. But we also recommend watching this movie, because it’s worth it.


Youtopia is the story of a girl who decides to auction her virginity in order to pay off her mother’s debts. A very unselfish gesture, in a world where we read about girls selling their virginity to get silicone tits. And maybe karma will help her.
The movie presents two worlds: the real world, made of problems and sorrows, and a virtual world like Second Life, in which the girl takes refuge to forget her pain.
The girl is played by Matilda De Angelis, who has two fabulous tits. We didn’t find other words to describe them. Fabulous. Then there is Donatella Finocchiaro who masturbates in front of a webcam and there are Laura Pizzirani and Giulia Anchisi. Nude, of course.