Agent 69 in the Sign of Scorpio

The zodiac-films are a series of six Danish erotic films made in the 70s, all with a zodiac sign in the title and all played by actor Ole Søltoft. These films were considered mainstream but within them there were hardcore sequences. Some time ago we told you about one of these films, being the last of the series: Agent 69 Jensen in the Sign of Sagittarius, with the sign of Sagittarius. Today we speak instead of Agent 69 in the Sign of Scorpio (original title is Agent 69 Jensen i Skorpionens tegn), with the sign of Scorpio and some faculous nude actresses. At first place in our hit parade is the actress that you’ve already seen in the previous update: the blonde Gina Janssen. And we can admire once again Anna Bergman in the role of Penny. New nude celebrities in this film are Anne Magle and Anne Bie Warburg. A must-have upgrade!

Agent 69 Jensen in the Sign of Sagittarius

We speak again of great classics and present the videos coming from a Danish cult movie, half softcore and half hardcore, with the title Agent 69 Jensen in the Sign of Sagittarius (original title is Agent 69 Jensen – I skyttens tegn). Some nude actresses better this strange spy story in which the plot is made around a stolen Albanian rocket. The one we prefer is the beautiful blonde Gina Janssen, but all the girls here are fabulous. Their names are: Anna Bergman, Jannie Nielson and Lee Fong Wong. Four sexy bombs that will blow your mind. Lesbo scenes, sex and blow jobs. Everyone is satisfied.

In the Sign of the Lion

We’re at our last appointment with the Danish Zodiac Films. We have previously shown the sequences from the films dedicated to Scorpio, Sagittarius, Virgin, Taurus and Gemini. Today we present the fifth and final film in this series, dedicated to the sign of Leo. If you are mentally counting the zodiac signs, we confirm you that they are twelve, but the movies dedicated to them unfortunately are only six. What we are discussing today is titled In the Sign of the Lion (original title I Løvens tegn) and like all the other sequences contain softcore and some hardcore scenes. Among the many nude actresses which can be viewed note is the presence of the beautiful Gina Janssen, a blonde bombshell who has many admirers. In addition to her, there are Ann-Marie Berglund, Gertie Jung, Lizzi Varencke, Anne Bie Warburg, Anne Magle and Louise Frevert.


A newly married couple finds a seemingly desolate place to park the car and make love, but … soon after they will be in jail! A film full of nude celebrities and for all tastes. The list of naked actresses is long: Ajita Wilson, Andrea Guzon, Gina Janssen, Nadine Pascal, Ursula Buchfellner and Uta Koepke.