Acapulco, prima spiaggia a sinistra

In the movie Acapulco, prima spiaggia a sinistra Gigi and Andrea dream of having a fabulous holiday in Mexico, but end up going to Cesenatico beach like every year, hosted in the lowcost hotel of the aunt of one of the two. They can’t enjoy the beauties lying under the sun in the Acapulco bay, but can still enjoy the Italian beauty, which are many! In this film the nude scenes are not a great many, but the actresses who parade in front of us are many: Anna Kanakis, Fausta Pittoni, Gegia, Mirella Banti, Patricia Elisabetta Focardi, Serena Grandi and Simona Marchini.

Barbara's Escapades

Today update presents a very rare movie, with three beauties, very very nude. We’re speaking of Barbara’s Escapades (italian original title is Amanti miei), an erotic movie from the end of the ’70s, with Annamaria Clementi, Cindy Leadbetter (playmate for Playboy in 1978) and a young Gegia in a very spicy scene with a total nude. You can find the complete review and many clips in our archives.