A film by Tinto Brass that tells us about the adventures of Carla, a twenty year old Venetian woman who lives in London and has several sexual encounters. Both with men and with Moira, a sensual lesbian owner of a travel agency.
The real triumph of nude skin in this movie is the often undressed Yuliya Mayarchuck, together with an extreme sexy Francesca Nunzi, also in lesbian scenes. We must underline two scenes with Silvia Rossi that acts as Stefania Sandrelli in one scene from La Chiave, another movie by Tinto Brass.

Frivolous Lola

Lola is a sensual and uninhibited girl. Soon she will marry Masetto, a baker with strict traditions that wants her virgin until marriage. Instead, she seeks a master of love who teaches her the arts of sex. And she will find it. André, a fifty-year-old lover of Lola’s mother. Anna Ammirati plays Lola; Serena Grandi plays her mother Zaira. And if these two beauties are not enough, there are also Edith Rozanyai and Francesca Nunzi. A personal opinion on Francesca Nunzi: she is one of the most intriguing actresses in Italy.