La bolognese

The movie we present today, La bolognese, had some troubles due to a couple of a judgment for obscene acts. The news wasn’t so popular because in the same days the bigots of that time were busy with a couple of court cases against two most famous films: Last Tango in Paris by Bertolucci and Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom by Pasolini. La bolognese was released in 1975, then it was withdrawn from cinemas, the director and the main actress were condamned to a couple of months in prison in 1976 and the movie was back at cinema in 1977. The director Alfredo Rizzo, who understood the lesson, made the movie for the foreign countries with hard-core scenes… Today we present some scenes fro this version, with Franca Gonella nude. Together with her, another queen of sexy cinema: Ria De Simone. In this update, we present some videos from the version approved by the bigots, in high quality, and some scenes from the uncut version, with a lower quality but very enjoyable, mostly for the presence of scenes with Ria De Simone totally naked.

La campagnola bella

We present some clips from a rather rare film: La campagnola bella. The beautiful Felicetta lives in a small country town with some friends. When the military decide to set up a training camp next to the countryside… erotic adventures are common. In this film we can admire three nude celebrities, three well-known names of Italian erotic cinema in the 70s: Franca Gonella, Femi Benussi and Paola Corazzi.

Sex, Demons and Death

The beautiful Magda Konopka‘s fans will be happy to receive today update. It isn’t easy seeing Magda Konopka nude, as you know. In the movie we’re presenting today, where the main character is the actress Franca Gonella, we can see a couple of very spicy scenes. They’re really interesting and reach of nude skin. Of course, we can admire Franca Gonella nude, too. Plus, together with them there’s a very intriguing blondie: Karin Fiedler. The movie we’re speaking of is Sex, Demons and Death (AKA Diabolicamente… Letizia), an erotic thriller with something from paranormal and not so good in some moments, but really interesting for those who’re interested in nude celebrities.