Black Venus

Only a few knows the beautiful Josephine Jacqueline Jones who was Miss Bahamas, too. Thanks to the movie Black Venus (original title Venere Nera) we can know all of her and when we say all, we mean the total naked scenes. Plus, this movie lists some lesbo scenes as the one with Josephine and the super sexy Karin Schubert, or with the young and sweet Florence Guérin. Not enough? There’s an erotic and beautiful Monique Gabrielle. You can find a complete review and clips to illustrate it, in our daily updated archives.


Eva Grimaldi‘s lovers will be happy of our last update in which you can find her goods in many contexts. Today we present one of her best movies, D’Annunzio, in which she shows a wonderful all nude body, and more.
Together with her, two beautiful nude celebs: Florence Guérin, Stefania Sandrelli


Another erotic classical movie, L’attrazione, with the beautiful Florence Guerin as the main character. Together with her, a mature but always sexy Martine Brochard… she needs only a pair of stockings and we immediatly remember the exciting woman she is.

La bonne

There are many people asking us for new content on Florence Guérin nude and so we done. We start with a new interesting movie, that shows her together with a beautiful and sensuous Trine Michelsen: La bonne. Total nudes and very spicy scenes. A complete review and clips are in our archives.

Le couteau sous la gorge

Le couteau sous la gorge offers us an exceptional team-up: Brigitte Lahaie and Florence Guérin.
You will have immediately understood that this is not a hardcore film, since there is Florence Guérin, but it is very rich in sequences with a high erotic content. Showers, bathtubs, full-length nudes …
The plot is very simple. A maniac stalks some models posing for erotic photographs. There is nothing else to say. But there is a lot to see.


Who’s looking for Florence Guerin naked can stop here. Today we present Profumo, a movie that shows Florence Guerin as the main character and always naked. There are some very hot scenes. From autoerotism to sex, there’s all here.
You can find a complete review and many astonishing clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

The Turn-On

Comics together with movies isn’t new and from Isabella to Spider-Man we’ve already seen a great many of interpretations. Among this great many, there is a less popular, The Turn-On, from a story by Milo Manara (Le Declic). We can admire a lushious Florence Guerin, as the victim of a tv remote control that deletes all her sexual inhibitions, for the joy of the spectators. We present this movie in today update, with a full review and many clips to illustrate it.