A suon di lupara

Italian Mafia, prejudice, indifference, silence … and Femi Benussi supersexy: this is the summary of A suon di lupara. There are not many sequences for nude skin lovers, but Femi Benussi is always beautiful to look at.

Adolescenza perversa

Femi Benussi and Malisa Longo, two queens of Italian nude cinema of the 70s. Their presence in any film is a guarantee to see naked actresses on the screen. But in Adolescenza perversa the enjoyment is greater, because the two actresses engage in a lesbian scene. Nude clips from this movie are unmissable and can be found in our archives.

La cameriera nera

La cameriera nera is a quite embarassing movie, with a very simple story and a great lack of sense of humor. Despite this, this movie must be seen because of its nude actresses. There are Femi Benussi, Magda Konopka, Ria De Simone and Carla Brait. The last one playing the role of a maid. You can find a complete review and many clips in today update.

Le dolci zie

Always intereste to rare movies, today we present Le dolci zie, an erotic movie from the first half of the ’70s. In this movie we can find a fabulous Orchidea De Santis, together with a cast of beauties, among which we underline the presence of a naked Marisa Merlini, a gold scene for the best collectors. The other nude actresses are: Femi Benussi, Pascale Petit and Patrizia Gori. In our archives we can find the movie review and many clips to illustrate it.

The Killer Must Strike Again

Today we go back to the ’70s with a dramatic movie with some very long and detailed nude scene, with the gorgeous Femi Benussi. There is one of her best total full frontal. Together with her, the beautiful Cristina Galbò and the less popular Teresa Velàqzuez. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

La ragazza di via Condotti

In the endless nudography of some mythical actresses of the 70s there are some films almost impossible to find, very rare, never remastered on DVD and often never even released in VHS.
In the filmography of the beautiful Femi Benussi one of these films is undoubtedly La ragazza di via Condotti, knowns in USA with the title Special Killers. It is an Italian, Spanish and French production. A very enjoyable crime film, which shows us some sequences with Femi Benussi naked. Speaking of Benussi, in this film we can admire it in three versions: redhead, brunette and blonde.

Finalmente… le mille e una notte

Before Pasolini and his Il fiore delle mille e una notte, Antonio Margheriti made a good decamerotic, with stunning scenographies, well done costumes and some good special effect. Plus, beautiful actresses. As a matter of facts, we can admire the nude and beautiful Femi Benussi and Barbara Bouchet. We present this movie in our latest update, with a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Strip Nude for Your Killer

Edwige Fenech nude and in HD! We and our members have been waiting this moment for long. If we added Femi Benussi nude and in HD, too, we can say this is a memorable day! The review of our last update presents the movie Strip Nude for Your Killer, and you can find many clips in our archives, to illustrate it. Today we substituted these old clips with new high definition content, really a fabulous content. We’re speaking of one of the mythical detective stories from the ’70s, especially for what deals with nude skin.

Are there reasons to love this movie? A lot. You can see the best total naked scenes with Femi Benussi; an Edwige Fenech‘s total nude, then Edwige simulating oral sex and anal sex (!); one of the rare Giuliana Cecchini‘s nude scenes; another total naked scene with Erna Schurer. And all this in HD!

Mala, amore e morte

We can’t spend a long time far from the beautiful Femi Benussi. Today we present her with a list of total nude scenes, from the movie Mala, amore e morte, in which she’s the main character. Together with her in this movie there is the beautiful Gabriella Lepori, almost always nude, as Femi Benussi from the beginning to the end of this movie. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

The Private Lesson

Among the many movies in which the story is built on the relationship between a student and a teacher, The Private Lesson is no doubt one of the most intriguing. The beautiful Carroll Baker acts as a piano teacher and strips in front of his student. In the same movie, we can admire also the beautiful Leonora Fani and Femi Benussi. You can find a complete review and many clips from uncut version to illustrate it, all in our archives.

Che dottoressa, ragazzi!

Che dottoressa, ragazzi! isn’t the best among Italian sexy comedies, but it let us see the beautiful Maria Pia Conte‘s nude body. Together with her, another icon from the erotic movies: Femi Benussi. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

La collegiale

5 full stars in our nudometer for this movie by the director Gianni Martucci, La collegiale. Femi Benussi, Martha Katherin and Sofia Dionisio undress themselves magnanimously in front of the camera.
Martha Katherin is an almost unknown actress, with only one film in her career, this. What a pity. She is the leading actress, a girl who comes home from college and discovers the sexual perversions of her family.
Femi Benussi no needs introduction. One of the queens of nude cinema in the 70s, famous in Italy and in the rest of the world.
The third actress is Sofia Dionisio, sister of the most famous Silvia, beautiful and soft, with fabulous tits.
All three give us beautiful sequences of nudes, even full frontals.

So Sweet, So Dead

Femi Benussi nude, Sylva Koscina nude, Krista Nell nude, Nieves Navarro (AKA Susan Scott) nude… They’re some of the actresses in the rare movie we present today: So Sweet, So Dead (the very long original title is Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile). It is a detective story, quite rare and not very popular. In our daily update you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Erotiko Pathos

If you are one of the many asking for Femi Benussi nude, today it’s your lucky day. We present some clips from a very rare movie, one of the last with this actress. This movie is Erotiko Pathos, by the Greek director Ilias Mylonakos. Together with the beautiful Femi, there are other icons from nude cinema: Ajita Wilson and Monica Nickel. These two give us also a beautiful threesome scene. Finally, don’t miss the less famous Vanessa Ojdanic: fabulous totally naked scenes. You can find a complete review in our archives, together with some beautiful rare clips to illustrate it.

When Love Is Lust

Agostina Belli nude in the bathtube and Femi Benussi dressed with a wedding-gown and made a strip-show. Then she simulates sex with her partner. Then add a rare nude scene with Françoise Prévost and you’ll have the nude celebrities in our today menu. These nude celebrities come from the movie When Love Is Lust. A shy girl, a hot mother-in-law, a reckless lover… all the perfect ingredients for a classic erotic movie from the ’70s.

Cara dolce nipote

Ursula Heinle isn’t very famous and isn’t one of the main actresses in ’70s movies. She is the main actress in only one movie in that period: Cara dolce nipote, directed by Andrea Bianchi. It is a shame that her career hadn’t been longer because she had all to became one of the icons in ’70s erotic comedy. She was a real sex bomb with a fabulous body. You can see the complete review about Cara dolce nipote and some clips with the beautiful Ursula together with the most famous Femi Benussi.


Let’s come back to vintage Italian comedy. Today we present a movie with a great quality: some beautiful nude celebrities. The title is Coeds and it shows the goodies of many beautiful women: the redhead Dagmar Lassander and the blonds Femi Benussi and Patrizia Webley. This movie title is Coeds and you can find a complete review and clips in today update.

La mala ordina

La mala ordina (AKA The Italian Connection) is one of the best Italian movies in noir genre and it was one of those Italian movies that inspired Tarantino for some characters in Pulp Fiction. As a matter of fact, there is a strong connection between the couple of gangsters of Henry Silva and Woody Strode with the most famous couple John Travolta – Samuel J. Jackson. Together with the main actor, Mario Adorf, is a sensual Femi Benussi, she acts as a bitch. Plus, Luciana Paluzzi in a transparent shirt and Francesca Romana Coluzzi supersexy. In today update you can find the complete review and many clips from this movie. Now in HD.

Decameron n° 3 – Le più belle donne del Boccaccio

The number of decamerotics movies is very large and this is a luck. In today update we present the Decameron n. 3, le più belle donne del Boccaccio (AKA The Last Decameron: Adultery in 7 Easy Lessons). It is a poor story but the large number of nude actresses must be underlined: Angela CovelloAntonella MurgiaBeba LoncarFemi BenussiLetizia LehirMarina MalfattiPiarpaola Bucchi and Rosita Torosh. You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily update.

La moglie di mio padre

La moglie di mio padre is the classical erotic triangle with a father, a son and the new father’s wife. This movie hasn’t a great story but it shows good characters, among them Adolfo Celi and Carroll Baker. This one, together with a sexy Femi Benussi, is the reason why we’re presenting this movie. You can see unforgettable nudes with the beautiful Femi Benussi and Carla Spessato. And a little sexy clip from Jenny Tamburi. In our archives you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

La professoressa di lingue

Italian sexy comedy from the ’70s gets ideas from the males’ erotic dreams: female doctors, policewomen, girl-soldiers… and of course female teachers. And a sexy woman is the teacher and the main character in the movie from which we got the beautiful videos with Femi Benussi nude. A classic of erotic dreams is an icon of the Italian nude cinema: the best. The movie is La professoressa di lingue and the nude actresses collectors will enjoy these jewels. We’ve the canonical scenes of this kind of movies: nude women seen from the keyhole, total nudes under the shower and… spoiler alert!: at the end the student has sex with the theacher.

La commessa

The title of the movie we’re presenting today is La commessa (the shop assistant) but there is no shop assistant in all the movie. But there is a naked and sexy Femi Benussi, together with the less popular Yvonne Harlow, Sarah Crespi (under the pseudonym of Sarah Ceccarini) and Paola D’Egidio. You can find a complete review and some clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

La novizia

Today we speak of a quite rare and less popular movie, with two beautiful nude actresses: Gloria Guida and Femi Benussi. This movie’s title is La novizia, one of the first movie with the beloved Gloria Guida. We present this movie in today update with a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Emanuelle in the Country

When a doctor as Laura Gemser arrives in a village, the story is expectable. All the male residents are ill and need the doctor. Emanuelle in the Country (original title L’infermiera di campagna) is a new role in Laura Gemser‘s filmography and we present it today. In this movie she’s with two less popular but sexy actresses: Antonella Prati and Lorna Green. We must underline the presence of Femi Benussi, too, not accredited and unfortunately not nude, but you can see her in a very intriguing sequence.

Sexy Susan Sins Again

After many years, we still enjoy presenting some rare movie that stars Edwige Fenech naked. She is one of the undisputed icons of both the Italian and international nude cinema and her filmography is really wide. In our archives we present nudity scenes from over sixty of her films. And now we add a new title, not very famous, Sexy Susan Sins Again. It’s a 1968 film shot in Germany, France and Italy and the main interpreter, or the Susan that appears in the title, it’s Teri Tordai. Next to these two, other mythical nude actresses participating in this movie are: Femi Benussi and Pascale Petit. The video quality is not excellent, but we are talking about a film made fifty years ago…


Carnalità is a rare film from 1974 and tells the story of a man who has sex with many lovers while his wife is sick in bed. For nude actresses belovers, this film offers a very interesting trio: Femi Benussi, Erna Schurer and Sonia Viviani. Three beautiful women and three queens of Italian nude films from the 70’s. The sequences are many and all interesting. Sex scenes, naked women tanning on the beach, sexy dresses, sex on the kitchen table… In short, there are all the ingredients we do like!

La campagnola bella

We present some clips from a rather rare film: La campagnola bella. The beautiful Felicetta lives in a small country town with some friends. When the military decide to set up a training camp next to the countryside… erotic adventures are common. In this film we can admire three nude celebrities, three well-known names of Italian erotic cinema in the 70s: Franca Gonella, Femi Benussi and Paola Corazzi.

Peccatori di provincia

A threesome with Femi Benussi and Daniela Halbritter. The curvy and buttery and sensual Fiona Florence. The little-known Maria Madeleine Gagarin. A fabulous female cast for this sexy Italian comedy of the 70s: Peccatori di provincia. Full frontals, couples spied on by the keyhole, stockings, bathrobes… You can not miss the video clips from this movie.