Lost [Season 1]

A group of castaways on a desert island: what a dramatic experience. But since among the castaways there are also Evangeline Lilly, Maggie Grace and Yunjin Kim we at CinemaCult think: bikini time! And in fact the first season of this series that has become a cult after the first episodes yet, offers us a lot of skin exposed to the sun. There are no nudes, but it is still a pleasure to watch these beauties on the beach. When they are not facing the Black Smoke Monster of course.

Lost [Season 2]

Another season of Lost, another parade of beautiful actresses. And this time there is also a naked ass! Michelle Rodriguez comes out of the water and shows us her backside. This series does not offer much to us fans of nude celebrities, but it is always a pleasure to watch these actresses in sexy dresses.

Lost [Season 3]

Let’s go back to the mysterious island! Once again, Lost gives us some beautiful actress with few clothes. This time it’s up to Bai Ling, Evangeline Lilly and Kiele Sanchez. Bai Ling in a couple of very sexy scenes and Kiele Sanchez performs at the lap dance pole. And Evangeline Lilly? She has sex in a cage!