2069: A Sex Odyssey

How beautiful were the plots of erotic films of the 70s. 2069: A Sex Odyssey, for example, tells the story of five women from the planet Venus, who are sent to the Earth to collect sperm samples. There are no men on Venus, so it’s necessary to refuel this precious liquid from time to time.
Once on Earth, the five extraterrestrials will find that convincing humans to devolve their sperm is not a difficult task.
There are many nude actresses: Alena Penz, Catharina Conti, Eva Gross, Gerti Schneider, Heidrun Hankammer, Hilde Rom, Lydia Mikulski and Nina Frederik. A 5-star movie for nude sequences.

Charlys Nichten

Today we present some clips from another very rare film: Charlys Nichten. A German erotic comedy that shows among the nude actresses also a couple of the queens of sexy Italian cinema: Orchidea de Santis and Patrizia Viotti. And, of course, there are the nude German celebrities, all gorgeous: the beautiful Elke Boltenhagen, the sensual Eva Gross and the blonde Marie Luise Lusewitz. And for the collectors of the Italian cult actresses, the videos with Orchidea de Santis nude are really unforgettable. In our opinion, her tits are among the most beautiful in Italian cinema ever. A lot of nude sequences for another update you can’t miss!


Lehrmädchen-Report is a kind of documentary about the sexual habits of some categories of beautiful girls: female students, apprentices and so on. This film by German director Ernst Hofbauer is a compilation of nude actresses to take your breath away. Blondes, brunettes, redheads… there are sequences for all tastes, including a beautiful lesbian scene between Manuela Wondratschek and Elisabeth Volkmann.
The other actresses who take off their clothes in this film are Renate Heuer, Eva Gross, Marina Blümel, Carmen Jäckel, Eleonore Leipert and Birgit Tetzlaff.

Zwei Rebläuse auf dem Weg zur Loreley

A beautiful German sexy comedy about the adventures of some playboys who return to the places of their youth. In these places will find many beautiful girls, but soon they’ll realize that all these girls are their daughters.
The nude actresses are so many that we immediately give you the list: Alexandra Bogojevic, Anneliese Groebl, Claudia Fielers, Eva Garden, Eva Gross, Johanna Forster, Marie Luise Lusewitz and Rita Waldenberg.