Abbronzatissimi 2 – Un anno dopo

The sequel of Abbronzatissimi, even if the stories are brand new and not connected with the first movie. Yeah, a weird sequel. Who cares, the important thing are the nude celebrities. Four hot nude actresses for our eyes: Barbara Cavallari, Eva Grimaldi, Marina Occhiena and Vanessa Gravina. You’d love the clips in our archive.


Alba Parietti, Eva Grimaldi, Nathalie Caldonazzo, Sonia Gray, Monika Rebel and Mariangela Giordano. A long list of celebrities for a unique movie. We’re speaking of Abbronzatissimi, a funny movie from the ’90s, that you can’t loose if you like famous nude skins. We present it in one of our last updates, with a complete review and some astonishing clips to illustrate it. Of course, you can find them in our daily updated archives.


Eva Grimaldi‘s lovers will be happy of our last update in which you can find her goods in many contexts. Today we present one of her best movies, D’Annunzio, in which she shows a wonderful all nude body, and more.
Together with her, two beautiful nude celebs: Florence Guérin, Stefania Sandrelli

La monaca nel peccato

A great classic among Italian nunsploitation. La monaca nel peccato tells the story of a young woman sent to a convent to atone for her sins, but in the convent she falls in love with a priest. The other nuns, jealous, accuse the woman of being possessed by the devil.
One of our favorite movies with Eva Grimaldi, with many interesting sequences.

Mia moglie è una bestia

Among many clips we have added to our archives during last days, we underline the presence of those from the movie Mia moglie è una bestia, in which Eva Grimaldi, acting as a woman from the jurassic, shows her beautiful body totally naked. You can find a complete movie review and many astonishing clips to illustrate it.

Mutande Pazze

The movie we present today is Mutande Pazze, directed by Roberto D’Agostino and it is a kind of ironic work against television that shows some fabulous beauties. Among these you can see, Eva Grimaldi, Barbara Kero, Deborah Calì, Monica Guerritore and Tiziana D’Arcangelo (who does remember the beautiful busty girl in the TV Show Colpo Grosso?).

Quella villa in fondo al parco

Quella villa in fondo al parco is an horror movie by Anthony Ascot (whose real name was Giuliano Carnimeo). It isn’t an high quality movie but it offers a couple of scenes with Eva Grimaldi, and one is that with Eva having a shower, a great classical scene.

Quiet Days in Clichy

In a old update we presented Quiet Days in Clichy and today we do it again, presenting the remake made in 1990 by the director Claude Chabrol. There are many nude beauties in this movie, also totally naked. Among these we can see Eva Grimaldi, Barbara De Rossi, Anna Galiena, Giuditta Del Vecchio