Die Sklavinnen

The unforgettable Lina Romay has given a lot to us lovers of nude celebrities. Sexy, buttery, sensual and slutty, she moved with ease between softcore and hardcore and has realized an immense number of fabulous sequences.
In this film by Jesús Franco we find her in the role of Arminda, a perfidious maitresse of a brothel for people with extreme tastes. The police have been trying to close it for years, but Arminda has friends in high places. But now a girl managed to escape and she could be the key to incarcerating Aminda.
The title of the film is Die Sklavinnen, but is knowns internationally as Swedish Nympho Slaves or more simply Slaves. Along with Lina Romay there are Martine Stedil, Yvonne Eduser, Diotta Fatou, Esther Moser, Peggy Markoff and Aida Vargas.

Mädchen im Nachtverkehr

Kali Hansa sucking a banana, lesbian e threesome scenes … You can find all these and more in videos from Mädchen im Nachtverkehr, the film we talk about today, signed by one of our personal myths: Jesus Franco. Also known as Girls in the Night Traffic, the film tells the story of three prostitutes living together and talking about adventures with their clients. Kali Hansa nude is a pleasure for our eyes. Next to her are two fabulous nude actresses: Esther Moser and Pilar Coll. Be ready for this unmissable update!