Bitter Moon

Emmanuelle Seigner nude is really heartbreaking. The videos we present today show some of the best nude scenes with her. Emmanuelle Seigner who dances halfdressed for her partner… Emmanuelle Seigner who makes yogurt dropping from her mouth and melting it on her tits, then asking the partner to lick it… Emmanuelle Seigner with black stockings and a leather dress as a mistress… and much more. The scenes are from the movie Bitter Moon by Roman Polanski.

Venus in Fur

In 1969, came a film by Massimo Dallamano which told the story taken from a novel by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch entitled Venus in Fur. The main character was the lovely Laura Antonelli, unforgettable icon of Italian cinema. Forty-five years later, another director works with this novel, though with a different story, putting in front of the camera another icon of cinema: Emmanuelle Seigner. This beautiful actress, who is also the wife of the film director Roman Polanski, after almost fifty years is still at the highest levels of sensuality. Black stockings and naked stunning in a series of video clips in HD.