Shangri-La Suite

Jack and Karen are lovers, dreamers… and serial killers. And they have a sickly and rather bizarre idea: going to Los Angeles to kill the King of Rock’n’Roll, Elvis Presley. Well, you all know the story: they didn’t succeed, ofcourse, because the King died on his own in his bathroom.
The part we love most about this film is Emily Browning. She does not offer us much, but what little she offers is of great quality.

Sleeping Beauty

A decidedly uncomfortable and disturbing movie, this Sleeping Beauty, in which a beautiful Emily Browning plays a girl who agrees to work as a “sleeping beauty”. A type of particular prostitution, in which the client wants a woman asleep. The spectator, who looks at the girl in the same way that the client looks at her, almost feels part of the deal.
Beyond the emotional aspects of the movie, based on a Japanese novel, we want to point out the many beautiful nude scenes with Emily Browning. A young and very, very nice actress.