Rimini Rimini

A praetor on holiday, a strict defender of good customs and against pornography, while he’s on holiday in Rimini meets the beautiful Lola, interpreted by Serena Grandi. His strict beliefs will yield to the wonder that is the great breast of Serena Grandi? And more, a young priest and a young nun who stay in the middle of the sea, on a motorboat without petrol, half naked, will be able to resist the call of the naked skin? Especially if the nun is Elvire Audray? In Rimini Rimini are told the stories of many characters, almost all struggling with sexuality.

Vado a vivere da solo

Giacomino is a young man who lives with his parents, pampered and spoiled. One day he decides that it’s time to go and live alone, rent a loft, furnish it… and begin the difficulties, between intrusive neighbors and a beautiful blonde girl who will make him fall in love. The girl is played by the beautiful Elvire Audray.