Moonlight and Valentino

A young widow is still metabolizing her husband’s death, but she also begins to feel attracted to a housepainter who lives in the same city. Sh’s young and still has a lot to offer. Interpreted by Elizabeth Perkins, she offers us her tits in a nice scene in the bathtub. Then, we can admire her beautiful ass while she relaxes in the sauna.
A few other things happen for us voyeurs of nude actresses: Gwyneth Paltrow takes off her bathrobe and Whoopi Goldberg tries a short sexy scene.

Weeds [Season 2]

Weeds continues and continues the parade of nude actresses. Nancy Botwin continues to sell marijuana and things get complicated, while we continue to hope that the number of boobs increases. In this season two new actresses are stripping in front of the camera: Meital Dohan and Shoshannah Stern. And if you love MILFs, you can also enjoy the supersexy scene of Elizabeth Perkins.

Weeds [Season 3]

In the third season of Weeds things get really interesting! We are not talking about the plot, obviously. We are talking about nude actresses, who are really very naked this season!
First of all, finally Mary-Louise Parker takes off her clothes. She is the main actress and until now she has not yet given us any nude scene. And then there’s the full frontal of Elizabeth Perkins. Concluding the review of nude actresses Jessica Jaymes and Kirsten Price.