A Spiral of Mist

An Italian beauty and three nude French actresses. These are the sensual ingredients of our last update: some videos from the movie A Spiral of Mist. Stripping in front of the camera are four beautiful actresses: Eleonora Giorgi, Martine Brochard, Claude Jade and Carole Chauvet. Many total nudes in this thriller by Eriprando Visconti, a director who had already given us excellent naked sequences in his other films, as Malamore, La Orca and Oedipus Orca. An unforgettable update. Eleonora Giorgi nude is fabulous. And the others are not far behind.

Alla mia cara mamma nel giorno del suo compleanno

Count Fernando is an eternal child succubus of his mother. The two live in symbiosis and the Oedipus complex hovers in the house. Until the beautiful maid Angela arrives. Count Fernando, aka Didino, falls madly in love with her.
Angela is played by the beautiful Eleonora Giorgi, who gives us fabulous nudes. And if Eleonora Giorgi‘s tits are not enough, you can enjoy those of Orchidea de Santis.


In 1974 Eleonora Giorgi and Ornella Muti, very young, interpreted one of the scandalous film of the Italian cinema of the 70s: Appassionata. The film shows them in the role of two young vicious trying to seduce a dentist. Eleonora Giorgi was 21 and Ornella Muti 19, so we can admire them in their highest beauty. Total naked, or with lingerie… A continual delight for the eyes. The videos derived from these films have been in our archives for a long time, but finally today we can present them in HD. An update that you can not miss!

Compagni di scuola

A repatriation between schoolmates after fifteen years. A comedy among the most entertaining of the director and comedian Carlo Verdone. And also an opportunity to enjoy a pair of nude actresses. Eleonora Giorgi strips on the beach to take a midnight swim in front of the eyes of a former schoolmate. Serena Bennato takes off her shirt and shows us two tits that have nothing to envy to many other tits.

Conviene far bene l'amore

Total nude scenes, round asses, black and white stockings… Conviene far bene l’amore is a beautiful movie for the nude celebrities collectors and there are four of the erotic queens from the ’70s: Eleonora Giorgi, Agostina Belli, Monica Strebel and Adriana Asti. In a future world, without any electric power resource, the only way to produce electricity is making sex. Volunteers are needed and of course it’s easy to find them. In our daily updated archives, you can find a complete review of this movie, together with many clips to illustrate it.

Nudo di donna

Today update is dedicate to Eleonora Giorgi, one of the most popular and beloved actresses. We present Nudo di donna, a movie not very rich of nude scenes but with some interesting strip, with a beautiful Eleonora’s nude! You can find in our archives, daily updated, a complete review and many clips to illustrate it, for members only.

Ready for Anything

Eleonora Giorgi as you’ve never seen her and as you’ve always desired to see her! Nude, of course, and plus with highly erotic scenes. Today we present the movie Ready for Anything, very appreciated by the nude celebrities collectors, in which a very young Eleonora Giorgi plays in some very spicy scenes. Of course there are some beautiful total nude scenes. An unforgettable movie for the nude celebrities collectors, that you can find with a complete review and many astonishing clips.

To Forget Venice

Eleonora Giorgi nude and Mariangela Melato nude: can you ask for more? It was 1979 and the director, Franco Brusati, gave us some unforgettable nude scenes with these two actresses at the top of their beauty. The movie is To Forget VeniceMariangela Melato and Eleonora Giorgi nude in the same room have a great erotic power and you can’t ignore it. It’s a fundamental chapter in nude cinema, another update you can’t loose. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.