Hellhole is a film that has all the characteristics of the exploitation genre, with naked bodies sacrificed in the name of a perverse science. Who falls into the clutches of the perfidious Dr. Fletcher is reduced to a zombie, but despite these macabre events there are those who enjoy lesbian meetings in the mud. In this film you can find many actresses undressing: Edy Williams, Natalie Main, Ann Chatterton, Lamya Derval… Full frontals, big tits and fights in the shower. Just one word: unmissable!

An Almost Perfect Affair

Monica Vitti naked in the bathtub is a dream come true, thanks to the film An Almost Perfect Affair, year 1979. In this movie that tells the story of a little-known director who brings his film to Canner the nudes are not many, but the actresses are beautiful and we fully enjoy the few sequences. In addition to Monica Vitti there is also Edy Williams, who shows us the ass! And we appreciate.