A Policewoman on the Porno Squad

Second chapter of the trilogy dedicated to the policewoman interpreted by Edwige Fenech, after La Poliziotta fa carriera. A trilogy that has not offered the public many nude scenes, but that has nevertheless given some memorable sequences.
Edwige Fenech at the end of the 70s is at the height of her beauty and looking at her naked is always a great pleasure.


We’ve seen Edwige Fenech with her policewoman uniform and with an army uniform, then playing as a court judge and a teacher, a doctor and a taxi driver… today we see her in one of the most famous scenes in cinema history, the Marylin Monroe‘s swirling skirt. But the movie we’re speaking of, Ace, has many interesting scenes, including a fabulous total naked scene under the shower and some transparent lingerie.

All the Colors of the Dark

We are always happy to present Edwige Fenech nude and in HD. This queen of nude movies has accompanied us from our early days on the internet and after so many years she remains one of the most loved nude actresses among our users. The movie from which we have extracted nude scenes has been in our archives for long, but now we’ve added the HD version. It is about All the Colors of the Dark and beside Edwige Fenech there are two more erotic dive films of the 70s: Dominique Boschero and Nieves Navarro. Really unmissable updates.

Alle dame del castello piace fare solo quello

An unbelievable moment is coming for you: trailers from a mythical movie: Alle dame del castello piace fare solo quello (AKA The Brazen Women of Balzac) with a very young and beautiful Edwige Fenech and some other beauties: Caterina Alt, Michaela May… Quality is not the point because this movie comes from the 60s, but it’s really enough to enjoy these beauties.

Amori miei

Amori miei is a movie with two beautiful actresses: Edwige Fenech and Monica Vitti.
We started talking about nude cinema in the late 90s. Edwige Fenech was one of the very first nude celebrities we presented to our users.
Twenty years have passed and the beautiful Edwige is always in our hearts, in our nude actresses reviews… and in our erotic dreams! Actress and film producer, Edwige Fenech has a huge filmography that starts from the 60s to the present day. And thousands of fans. Edwige Fenech nude is still one of the favorite keyword of our users.
In Amori Miei main character is Monica Vitti, another goddess of the cinematographic olympus. The film deals with the theme of bigamy. Unlike most other movies with this subject, this time is a woman with two husbands. Unfortunately there are no hopes to see Monica Vitti nude. This actress has made many erotic and sensual scenes in her career, but her nudes are very few and fleeting.
Edwige Fenech has a marginal role, but all nude scenes or sexy scenes are played by her.

Cattivi Pensieri

If you think we forget Edwige Fenech, you’re wrong. Despite we have clips for 80% of her filmography with many rare movies, we’re going on looking for her rarest movies. Today we present Cattivi pensieri, one of her best movies. We had a few clips from this movie in our archives, but now we add more and all restored with high quality definition. Edwidge is one of the greatest pleasures we can have from cinema.

Confessions of a Lady Cop

Following the success of the movie La poliziotta, arrived on the big screen the year before, with Mariangela Melato, and directed by Steno, Michele Massimo Tarantini made a 90 minutes of not so brilliant gags for the first movie (Confessions of a Lady Cop AKA La poliziotta fa carriera) of Policewoman Trilogy with the gorgeous Edwige Fenech. Unfortunately, a few laughs and a few nude scenes, but this young Edwige from the ’70s, in the full of her beauty, give us a quick scene where she’s total naked. You can find a complete review and clips to illustrate it in our archives.

Cream Horn

Cream Horn is an Italian comedy you can’t loose: many laughs, many nude celebrities, first of all the beautiful Edwige Fenech. Laugh after laugh, generated by the typical misunderstandings of these movies, there are other important contents that make us happy, in example a good list of nude breasts. Together with Edwige there are the nude bodies of Michela Miti, Lucia Monaco and Mariangela D’Abbraccio.

Dr. Jekyll Likes Them Hot

How do you prefer Edwige Fenech? Blonde or brunette? You can choose in the movie Dr. Jekyll Likes Them Hot (original title Dottor Jekyll e gentile signora) where she’s in both versions. Brunette, bad, sadic and supersexy, or blond, sweet, ingenuous and good. It’s a classic Italian comedy in which the humor is more than the erotism, so the nudes are a few. But these few nudes are fabulous. Edwige knows how exciting even when she’s dressed. Her transparent blouse let us see her nipples and we’ll dream it for long…

Escape from Death Row

It’s quite hard to please Edwige Fenech‘s fans, because you can already find all the movie reviews and clips in our archives. We’re still looking for a few very rare movies and sometimes we find one. Today we present Escape from Death Row (original title is Dio, sei proprio un padreterno!), a rare movie from the ’70s with the ritual shower-scene. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives.

Five Dolls for an August Moon

At least we can admire Edwige Fenech nude in HD, once again. Today we present the movie Five Dolls for an August Moon, a cult thriller made by Mario Bava in 1970. Among the actresses there is Edwige Fenech at her best. Unfortunately in this movie she isn’t nude for long, but there are a pair of scenes that her fans adore. The complete movie review and some HD clips are in our daily updated archives.

Giovannona Long-Thigh

We go on exploring the gorgeous Edwige Fenech‘s filmography, by adding some higher quality clips to our reviews. Today we present some new content from one of the most famous movies Giovannona Long-Thigh (AKA Giovannona Coscialunga disonorata con onore), an unforgettable chapter in the nude cinema history. Unfortunately the nude scenes are a lot, but these few let us admire a gorgeous Edwige Fenech from the 1973.

Grazie… nonna

Carletto is sent to the airport to welcome the grandfather’s widow that he has never met before. He’s waiting for an old woman and he’s surprised when discovers the grandfather had married the beautiful Marijuana, from Venezuela. In the role of Marijuana is the beautiful Edwige Fenech. All men in the family tries to have a sex affair with her… Grazie… nonna isn’t an excellent movie but Edwige Fenech nude is always an excellent sight. And there are full nude scenes, too!

Hot Potato

A worker fights hard for workers’ rights. He has the esteem of all his colleagues, until he starts helping a young gay boy. Interesting film, which adds more interest thanks to the beauty of Edwige Fenech. In this movie she’s truly sublime.

I’m Photogenic

We can’t resist far from Edwige Fenech for a long time and today and we’re happy to speak of her also today, between a rare movie from the past and a jewel from the present. Among all the movies we present today, Edwige’s fans will be happy to find I’m Photogenic, in which she acts together with a funny Renato Pozzetto.

Il Ladrone

Here at CinemaCult we love nude celebrities as much as our members. So that, we do not only upgrade our archives with new clips, but also restore or substitute the old videos with newest and higher quality content. An example is the group of clips we’re presenting today, with the beautiful Edwige Fenech nude, from the movie Il ladrone. Other nude celebrities in this movie: Bernadette Lafont, Auretta Gay and Marcella Petrelli.
This movie, in our archives for years, today is presented with higher quality and bigger videos. It’s a real pleasure to see the beautiful Edwige Fenech naked and sexy, while she’s running on the beach, especially in those moments in which the dress flyes away and she shows all, totally naked…

Il paramedico

A movie with Edwige Fenech in which Edwige Fenech doesn’t strip completely it’s always a reason of sadness. But we’re lucky, Il paramedico give us a pair of astonishing nude scenes with Daniela Poggi. We can say they’re the most beautiful from this actress, until now. Anyway, Edwige dressed as a nun, with white guepiere and stockings is exciting even with her bra on. Event today is a great day for nude celebrities lovers! You can find the complete movie review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives.

Io e Caterina

New clips and higher definition for a topic we always love: Edwige Fenech nude. The movie we present is Io e Caterina. In this movie Alberto Sordi, both actor and director, is a rich man who bought a robot-maid and substitute his wife, his lover and his maid with it. The movie is based on a good idea but not so well developed and also the beautiful Edwige Fenech‘s tits. This curly Fenech from 1980s would be beautiful both dressed and nude in the whole movie. But there are only a few scenese. Anyway, some hot video clips, and among them a stunning shower scene, that you can find in our archives.

L'insegnante viene a casa

We daily add new content to our archives, plus we update the content already there. Today we brushed up the movie L’insegnante viene a casa, with the beautiful Edwige Fenech. Together with the complete article, we’ve added new clips with a better quality and a couple of clips with the actress Ria De Simone, together with Edwige Fenech in this movie.


Unfortunately this movie hasn’t many nude scenes, but it’s one of the great classic from Italian Erotic Comedy. The movie is L’insegnante, the first movie from a famous trilogy with the beautiful Edwige Fenech. As we said, a few nudes, but no doubts with an high quality, as usual when an icon from the erotic cinema shows her breast. The complete movie review has been in our archives for years, but today we uploaded new videos with new high quality clips.

L'uomo dal pennello d'oro

Are you intrigued by Edwige Fenech‘s tits smeared with yellow paint? Or you prefer her ass painted in blue? The last of todays updates is for you. There are clips coming from a movie that, 44 years after his presentation, is still considered a masterpiece in naked cinema: L’uomo dal pennello d’oro. A very young and beautiful Edwige shows all her beauties. And we are sure you won’t forget her nurse costume… open on the back. You can find a complete movie review and some clips to illustrate it, as ever, in our archives.

La bella Antonia, prima monica e poi dimonia

We can’t forget the beautiful Edwige Fenech for long, she’s always the most famous icon from the Italian erotic comedy. Today we present the decamerotic La bella Antonia, prima monica e poi dimonia, where she is together with a cothers hot nude actresses: Lucretia Love, Malisa Longo, Dada Gallotti and Josiane Tanzilli. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

La dottoressa del distretto militare

Sometimes we check the videos in our archives and substitute the oldest with higer quality clips, both for the audio and for the video. Today we did it with La dottoressa del distretto militare, a cult movie with the fabulous Edwige Fenech. Not only higher quality clips, but also new amazing clips. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives.

La moglie in vacanza… l'amante in città

La moglie in vacanza… l’amante in città is a movie with a few nude skin even if the two actresses on the film poster are two queens of the nude cinema: Edwige Fenech and Barbara Bouchet. There are a great many of sexy scenes, but a little number of nudes. Anyway, there’s a fabulous scene with Edwige Fenech nude, with black stockings and nude breast. Gorgeous. There are also a few seconds with Barbara Bouchet nude, but for almost the whole movie this blonde queen of cinema has only scenes with a stunning lingerie. Even a little cameo of a cult celebrity from the ’80s Italian Cinema: Marcella Petrelli. You can find the nude scenes in our daily updated archives, together with a complete movie review.

La moglie vergine

Valentina and Giovannino have just got married, but he doesn’t manage to have sex. The days pass and the tension grows. She would like to have sex, but not him. The marriage is going to break, but then she finds a French that satisfies her and he has sex with her mother-in-law.
Beautiful erotic comedy with a series of fabulous actresses, starting with the main character Edwige Fenech, along with Carroll Baker, Florence Barnes, Gabriella Giorgelli and Maria Rosaria Riuzzi.

La pretora

La Pretora is our preferred movie with Edwige Fenech. There are many nude scenes and a hard erotism. Some highly erotic scenes with the beautiful Edwige and among these, one with Edwige and Marina Lotar together nude on the bed, dressed as Snow White and the bad queen. You can’t loose the sequence in which Edwige is dressed only with a pantyhose, whitout panties.

La signora gioca bene a scopa?

A new update with a big classic cult: Edwige Fenech nude. Some clips were already in our archives but they needed an update. They’re the scenes from the movie La signora gioca bene a scopa?. Tits, showers, transparent dresses, black stockings… in this movie there is all for the nude celebrities collectors. Edwige is sensual and most beautiful than ever. And there’s also Lia Tanzi nude. An update you can’t lose.

La soldatessa alle grandi manovre

Edwige Fenech nude! Italian erotic comedy has a lot of mithical actresses but Edwige Fenech is no doubt one of the most popular and one of the most beloved. Today we speak of a movie that was already in our archives… But now we have new clips: longer, bigger and with an higher quality! The movie is La soldatessa alle grandi manovre.

La vedova inconsolabile…

Edwige Fenech nude is always in our thoughts. And she’s always in our updates. Today, in example, we speak of a foundamental movie in her naked filmography: La vedova inconsolabile ringrazia quanti la consolarono. Nudes and transparencies are well equilibrated in the whole movie and there are many hot scenes. Her many fans will be happy to see the clips from this movie, they’re high def videos. Another update you can’t loose.

Le calde notti di Don Giovanni

Honestly, we expected more from this film, which tells the adventures of the great seducer Giacomo Casanova. Instead, only two nude scenes. What a sadness. The good news is that the two nude scenes involve two fabulous actresses: Edwige Fenech and Barbara Bouchet.

Madame and Her Niece

One of the first films of the legendary Edwige Fenech, made in Germany. The original title of this is Madame und ihre Nichte.
Michelle De Winter has a good life, attending only rich men, to whom she introduces her niece Yvette, who is actually her daughter. Michelle would like Yvette to marry a rich playboy, but Yvette frequents penniless artists and falls in love with Peter.

Madame Bovary

We’re going on updating Edwige Fenech‘s filmography. Today we present high quality and longer clips from a 1969 movie: Madame Bovary. A very young and gorgeous Edwige Fenech, with a beautiful breast and some very sexy scenes. The complete review has been in our archives since 2006, but today it is illustrated with new high quality clips. You can’t miss it! Edwige Fenech nude at her best!

Saturday, Sunday and Friday

Edwige Fenech nude and in a japanese version, Barbara Bouchet sexiest than ever and the sexy Lova Moor coming from the Crazy Horse. There are all ingredients for a magnificent parade of nude celebrities. This is what you can find in the movie Saturday, Sunday and Friday. It’s a episodes movie and each episode makes you often smile. Plus, we can admire our daily dose of nude celebrities. You can find this unforgettable update in our archives, with a complete movie review and many clips to illustrate it.

Sballato, gasato, completamente fuso

Edwige Fenech nude: many CinemaCult members’ recurring dream. In order to give them a further joy, we’re always looking for new pieces in the large filmography of this beautiful actresses, adding new clips and substituting the ones already in our database with better and higher definition. And we do this today, too, presenting new clips with high definition from the amusing movie Sballato, gasato, completamente fuso.

Secrets of a Call Girl

We can’t stay for a long time without Edwige Fenech, so today we present some new clips from a movie in which she’s beautiful: Secrets of a Call Girl. It’s a movie both dramatic and thriller, it isn’t a masterpiece nor a bad movie. What we’re interested in is Edwige’s beautiful nude skin. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Sex with a smile

Edwige Fenech nude again… and not alone! In today update we’re going to admire a great number of beautiful beloved women: Edwige Fenech, as we anticipated, then Giovanna Ralli, Barbara Bouchet, Dayle Haddon and Sydne Rome. They’re together in the same movie: Sex with a smile. This is a movie composed by episodes, with the nice peculiarity to show many nude skin! In our archives, you can find the whole movie review and a great selection of clips. Don’t miss it!

Sexy Susan Sins Again

Another rare movie that stars Edwige Fenech naked. She is one of the undisputed icons of both the Italian and international nude cinema and her filmography is really wide. In our archives we present nudity scenes from most of her films. And now we add a new title, not very famous, Sexy Susan Sins Again (original title is Frau Wirtin hat auch einen Grafen). It’s a 1968movie shot in Germany, France and Italy and the main interpreter, or the Susan that appears in the title, it’s Teri Tordai. Next to these two, other mythical nude actresses participating in this movie are: Femi Benussi and Pascale Petit. The video quality is not excellent, but we are talking about a movie made fifty years ago…

Strip Nude for Your Killer

Edwige Fenech nude and in HD! We and our members have been waiting this moment for long. If we added Femi Benussi nude and in HD, too, we can say this is a memorable day! The review of our last update presents the movie Strip Nude for Your Killer, and you can find many clips in our archives, to illustrate it. We’re speaking of one of the mythical detective stories from the ’70s, especially for what deals with nude skin.
Are there reasons to love this movie? A lot. You can see the best total naked scenes with Femi Benussi; an Edwige Fenech‘s total nude, then Edwige simulating oral sex and anal sex (!); one of the rare Giuliana Cecchini‘s nude scenes; another total naked scene with Erna Schurer. And all this in HD!

Taxi Girl

Taxi Girl is one of Edwige Fenech‘s lesser-known movies. Marcella decides to undertake a taxi job, buy the taxi and the license… and the troubles begin.
A very nice comedy. And with so many tits. Edwige Fenech strips less than in other films, but between tits and black stockings we can not complain.

The Case of the Bloody Iris

Edwige Fenech nude and very young plays the role of the model Jennifer Lansbury struggling with a dangerous killer. Beside her, Paola Quattrini, in the shoes of her friend, another model. The title of the film we present today is The Case of the Bloody Iris (Original title: Perché quelle strane gocce di sangue sul corpo di Jennifer?), a thriller from 1972 with these two beautiful actresses nude. And with them the less known Carla Brait, in a fight sequence and half-naked in the bathtub. You’ll enjoy the sequences of nude from this movie. Edwige Fenech is beautiful and the blonde Paola Quattrini very, very sexy…

The Schoolteacher Goes to Boys' High

We daily add new content to our archives, plus we update the content already there. Today we brushed up the movie The Schoolteacher Goes to Boys’ High, with the beautiful Edwige Fenech. Together with the complete article, we’ve added new clips with a better quality and a couple of clips with the actress Nikki Gentile, together with Edwige Fenech in this movie.

The Seducers

The most requested movie with Edwige Fenech nude is The Seducers (AKA Top Sensation). There are many versions of this movie, cutted, distressed, lost and refund. This movie entered the myth because of his spicy scenes, it was 1969. One of these scenes, maybe the most famous, is those with Edwige Fenech making a goat licking between her legs. But we remember also the scene in which Edwige and Rosalba Neri slater the suntan on each other or, plus, when Edwige kisses Eva Thulin‘s tits in a lesbo scene together with Rosalba Neri, too. Some very interesting scenes even if they’re often more intuitions than real sights. Our clips are from two versions of this movie: the Italian one, with a very good quality, and the English one, with a lower quality but uncensored. An unforgettable update that you can’t loose!

The Sweet Pussycats

A count and a colonel both claim ownership of a castle, which includes a butler. They divide the castle into two parts, but they both want it all for themselves, so they make a bet: the first who manages to bring a virgin to bed will become the owner of the castle. It is not so easy to find a virgin …
The original title of this German film is Alle Kätzchen naschen gern and the nude actresses who play it are the legendary Edwige Fenech together with Angelica Ott and Barbara Capell.

The Virgo, the Taurus and the Capricorn

Today we analyze one of the most hottest movies in Edwige Fenech‘s filmography: The Virgo, the Taurus and the Capricorn. Some clips have already been in our archives since 2005, but today we added some high definition clips to the movie review, to satisfy our members and the beautiful Edwige’s fans. There are total naked scenes and many sexy poses. Together with her, we can see the beautiful Ria De Simone and Lia Tanzi. You can’t forget the scene in which Lia and Edwige have a totally nude sunbath on the terrace and then touch each other to excite a voyeur who’s looking at them with a pair of binoculars… A terrific movie. You can find a complete review and some new HD clips in our archives.

Ubalda, All Naked and Warm

A new update where the main character is Edwige Fenech, from one of the cult movies from Italian erotic comedy: Ubalda, All Naked and Warm. This was one of the first movies we reviewed for our archives, but today we propose his review again because we added some high quality clips. Together with the beautiful Edwige, you can see nude in this movie the gorgeous Karin Schubert and Gabriella Giorgelli. Unforgettable.

Your Vice Is a Locked Room…

Here we’re again with a precious update: Il tuo vizio è una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave. A movie with many beauties: the beautiful Edwige Fenech (here with a very sexy hair cut) togheter with a fascinating Anita Strindberg. With them, an unpopular Angela LaVorgna and two particoular contributes: a really young Dalila Di Lazzaro dancing naked on a table and a young Enrica Bonaccorti acting as a prostitute… Edwige Fenech, nude, in HD!

Zitto quando parli

Giacomo has an idol: James Bond. He wants to be Bond, dreams of amazing adventures in Tunisia and dreams of a beautiful woman, Belle. In reality he is unemployed, and obsessed with a boring mother who calls him constantly to know if he has worn the woolen vest.
One day Giacomo is really involved in a real adventure, which will take him to Tunisia. And among a thousand dangers he meets Beatrix!
The original title of this movie is Tais-toi quand tu parles! and Beatrix is played by Edwige Fenech. This is one of her movies with fewer nude sequences. But Edwige Fenech does not need to undress for an erection. Transparent clothes, bikinis, sexy stockings… this movie has all the ingredients to drive us crazy.

Zucchero, miele e peperoncino

Today we present you the restored trailers with an higher definition of a movie we already had in our archive. That movie is Zucchero, miele e peperoncino. The trouble was that the content wasn’t so good and we hadn’t content for any actress but only with Edwige Fenech. Today we add restored clips with Edwige Fenech and some new clips with Dagmar Lassander and Patrizia Garganese. Well, since today there are a new review of this film and new clips. Don’t loose it!