La città delle donne

Federico Fellini loved beautiful women and in this film it is easy to guess. A businessman gets trapped in a hotel where only women live. Among these women, there are some beautiful ones, like Anna Prucnal, or the busty Donatella Damiani, a truly mythical actress. Without a doubt one of the sexiest films of the great Fellini, with some truly unmissable sequences. The list of naked actresses? Here: Anna Prucnal, Donatella Damiani, Jole Silvani, Rosaria Tafuri and Stéphanie Loïk.

La Liceale seduce i professori

La Liceale seduce i professori deserves a view even for the beautiful and big tits of Donatella Damiani, one of our favorite actresses in Italian cinema of the 70s. But if her tits were not enough, we add Gloria Guida nude and Lorraine De Selle, obviously naked too. An unmissable update for lovers of nude actresses.

Vigili e vigilesse

Comedy movie, sexy Italian comedy, grotesque cinema… Vigili e vigilesse tries to merge all these genres together, but in reality it’s simply a mediocre movie.
Why do we care about this bad movie? Because there are three incredible beauties in it, starting with the busty Donatella Damiani. Together with her, Cinzia De Ponti and Stella Carnacina.
Donatella Damiani is one of our favorite actresses of the 80s. Big tits and round ass. Cinzia De Ponti is intriguing and sensual. Stella Carnacina is sexy and mischievous, but unfortunately in this movie she doesn’t take off her clothes.