Una moglie molto infedele

It is hard to count all the emails we receive from people asking for the hard movies by Lilli Carati. They are hundreds and the first came the first week after this site was born, years ago. This actress disappeared in the ’90s after some troubles in her life and none knows where she’s now, so she became a legend. Lilli Carati‘s fans are really many because she’s one of the most beautiful actresses in Italian Cinema between ’70s and ’80s. Her last period in cinema, as for many other actresses (Paola Senatore, Karin Schubert) was in hard productions. She made only four hard movies even if with some cuts the producers obtained more than 30 movies. Today we present one of these hard movies: Una moglie molto infedele. We grant, you’ll find your beloved Lilli very hot and sensual in these clips.

Una ragazza molto viziosa

Una ragazza molto viziosa is part of the handful of pornographic movies made by Lilli Carati. We all know the legendary Lilli Carati and by now everyone knows that at the end of the 80s she acted in some hard movies.
Here is one. The ingredients are all there: blowjobs, anal sex, lesbian scenes, Spanish, oral sex… well, you understand. Obviously the sequences taken from this movie are unmissable for Lilli Carati fans and not just for them.