Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals

Laura Gemser nude, Monica Zanchi nude, Annamaria Clementi nude, Nieves Navarro nude… A similar poker can only draw attention to the film that shows them as main characters. If you add a nude Dirce Funari, very young and almost unrecognizable, then no lover of nude celebrities can resist without seeing at least once, Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals. The great Joe D’Amato, director, knows how to excite his viewers and a pair of erotic autoerotism are amazing, from the softest to the most heated, with a couple of fabulous scenes of masturbation. Nieves Navarro, who masturbates in a tent is one of our favorite scenes ever. And also Laura Gemser and Monica Zanchi that wash each others in a lake. In short, a cult film to judged A+, with regard to the bare skin. You can find in our archives the complete movie review, and obviously some HD clips to illustrate it.

Escape from Women's Prison

After hundreds and hundreds of reviews, we’re still able to find rare and interesting content, as the clips we have added today in our archives. We’re speaking of the movie Escape from Women’s Prison, that shows a parade of beautiful nude actresses: Lilli Carati, Ada Pometti, Dirce Funari, Marina Daunia and Zora Kerova. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily update.

Il ginecologo della mutua

Here is one of the most ‘strong’ movies with Renzo Montagnani, with the direction of Joe D’Amato. The jokingly Renzo Montagnani is surrounded by many beauties, all staying in his medical office, he is a gynecologist. This movie, Il ginecologo della mutua, has a big list of beauties: Paola Senatore, Isabella Biagini, Loretta Persichetti, Daniela Doria, Dirce Funari… and so more!


Inhibition is a movie that gives some beautiful scenes to the collectors of nude celebrities. The main characters are due sexy bombs: Claudine Beccarie e Ilona Staller. It’s 1976 and the young Ilona Staller hadn’t made anything in the porn industry. In the videos from this movie by Paolo Poeti, you can see her at 25, blonde and nude, involved in a couple of lesbo scenes with the beautiful Claudine Beccarie. There is a little cameo with Dirce Funari and Zaira Zoccheddu, both uncredited in the end titles of this movie. Four beautiful nude actresses for a new update that you can’t miss.

Porno Holocaust

Today we present a great classic from the ’80s hardcore: Porno Holocaust, directed by the great Joe D’Amato. The pornstar Mark Shannon plays with three different stars: Dirce Funari, Lucia Ramirez and Annj Goren. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Quello strano desiderio

Quello strano desiderio is a very high level Z-movie. Two aliens participate in a television competition (TV of their planet of course) and win a trip to the planet earth, hosted in the body of two accountants from Bari (!). On our planet they will begin to learn our traditions, but especially to admire a lot of naked women!
The aliens will have the pleasure of meeting many queens of the Italian erotic cinema (and French cinema too): Dirce Funari, Marina Lotar, Leda Simonetti, Antonella Antinori, Giada Gerini, Maria D’Alessandro, Pauline Teutscher
Our favorite scene? A beautiful lesbian sequence of Leda Simonetti, in which we admire, among other things, a perfect ass and sexy black stockings.

Sexy Nights of the Living Dead

We’re always looking for rare movies and shows, so today we discovered some clips from a real cult movie directed by Joe D’Amato: Sexy Nights of the Living Dead. Erotism, horror, splatter and a rare uncut version with a bit of hardcore… and this is of course the version we have found. All in a single movie, with a fabulous group of beautiful women such as Dirce Funari, Laura Gemser and Lucia Ramirez.

Sister Emanuelle

We can’t spend many time far from Laura Gemser and today we’re back speacking of her and one of the movies of Emanuelle Nera: Sister Emanuelle. This is one of the most famous nude movies in the list of Emanuelle’s movies. Together with a beautiful Laura Gemser we can see Monica Zanchi, Dirce Funari and Vinja Locatelli. You can find a complete review in our today update, with many clips to illustrate it. Now in HD!


Starcrash is a low budget Italian Star Wars. A year after the release of the first film of the most important film saga of all time, Italian director Luigi Cozzi makes his own version. Of course, the special effects are not the main reason why nerds like us should look at it, but the protagonist is the fabulous Caroline Munro wearing a fantastic bikini with a fabulous neckline and two galactic buttes! And Nadia Cassini delights us with a show in the typical astronaut bikini. An absolute cult, from which we extracted our HD video clips from our latest update.